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iphone home button not working

How to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

Smartphones have a lot of menu options for you to navigate whenever you need to adjust some settings on certain apps and operating system. And if you don’t know...

fix iphone stuck on keep saying serching

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Keep Saying Searching

In this article, we will explore the most effective solutions and workarounds used to address an issue on the iPhone mobiles, in which the iPhone device shows a...

iphone camera not working

How to Fix iPhone Front/Back Camera Not Working

My iPhone camera won't work, what to do? Find solutions of iPhone camera not working, iPhone rear camera not working or iPhone camera won't work problem. How to...

what to do if iphone won't turn on

What to Do If iPhone Won’t Turn On

Definitely, the condition can be frustrating when you try to use your iPhone and all you get is a black screen. Although the world has been modernized and switc...

my iphone is stuck on apple logo

My iPhone is Stuck on the Apple Logo, How to Fix?

My iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo what to do? Or your iPhone stuck on apple logo after update? Find how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo or iPhone stuck on ...

fix sound wont work on iphone video

How to Fix Sound Won’t Work on iPhone Video

hone sound not working? Or Facing any of these: sound won't work on iPhone/ my iPhone has no sound? Find how to fix no sound on iPhone video if the sound doesn'...

fix my iphone battery draining fast of a sudden

How to Fix My iPhone Battery Draining Fast of a Sudden

What is draining my iPhone battery? Do your iPhone battery draining fast or iPhone battery draining fast all of a sudden? Know what I do when my iPhone battery ...

iphone touch screen unresponsive to touch

How to Fix iPhone Screen Unresponsive to Touch

iPhone screen not responsive can be counted in rare cases of iPhone that really comes true. Hardly an iPhone touch screen stops working or becomes unresponsive ...

iphone keeps turning on and off

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Turning Off and Back On

Is your iPhone keeps turning on and off? In this article, I will show you how to go through with this kind of confusing situation. An iPhone mobile that keeps t...

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