iMyfone D-Back Review(Test-Based)

iMyFone D-Back

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Windows/macOS, $39.95


What is iMyfone D-Back?

iMyfone D-back is an iPhone Data Recovery tool to help you easily recover deleted files on devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, or less common situation, from iTunes and iCloud backup. It’s very common to find yourself accidentally delete important data from your iPhone when you want to clean up your device, like contacts, photos, text messages, WhatsApp history, etc. In cases like these, iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery will save you trouble and money to help you find the data back, which costs way more than the software. This tool is very straightforward. With a few clicks, you can have your important data back.

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Main Features:

  • Retrieves iPhone data regardless of how you lost them.
  • Supports 22+ different types and formats for recovery on all iOS mobiles.
  • Four types of Recovery Modes to recover your iPhone data quickly.
  • Preview features to restore data selectively.
  • Entirely repair your iOS system at home without data loss.
  • Provides support for every iOS running device, including iPhone, iPod, iPod touch.
  • Helpful in any data loss situation including – Accidental deletion, Broken screen, System crash, Jailbreak, Forgotten password, Lost or stolen device, Factory reset, Virus attack.
  • A Free Trial version is available.

System Requirements:

  • Supported Operating System regarding Mac: Mac OS X 10.5 or above (Mac OS X 10.11 Capitan)
  • Supported OS regarding Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2 or later)

Is iMyFone D-Back Safe?

According to the iMyFone D-Back review, iMyFone D-Back is a very secure recovery software. Download the software from the official website to PC/Mac without worrying about pop-up ads, malware, and other third-party software harassment during the download process.

It will not be insecure after downloading the software, as its technical team will provide 24-hour technical support. So, in my opinion, iMyFone D-Back is safe enough and can be downloaded without any concern due to its legitimacy.

Is iMyFone D-Back Free?

iMyfone D-Back offers a free trial version so you can test it to see if it can detect the deleted data you need before purchasing it. But if you want to recover your data, you need to pay for it.

Free Download Free Download

iMyFone D-Back: What’s In It for You? (And My Test)

Beyond its exceptional uses, iMyFone D-Back generally recovers accidentally deleted or lost data from Device / iTunes Backup / iCloud Backup or Smart Recovery, including recovering up to 20 file types, for example, recovering deleted iPhone voicemail, recover iPhone text messages, WhatsApp, Line, Photos, etc.

There are three important criteria for determining if the software is a qualifying iPhone data recovery software.

First, iMyFone D-Back runs on almost all operating systems and supports multiple iOS devices to retrieve data.

Second, the program should have the most general recovery features, namely, recover from iOS devices, recover from iCloud backups, and recover from iTunes backup files.

Third, the scope of the recovery tool must be extensive. Obviously, iMyFone D-Back meets all requirements.

I downloaded the iMyFone D-Back, and there are no problems during the use process. As a first time user, I didn’t face any difficulty performing any task and completed all tests easily and smoothly.

I deleted multiple contacts, messages, pictures, and call history from my iPhone and directly connected it to the computer. iMyFone D-Back starts to scan the iPhone, and minutes later, this software allows me to recover all lost media files, messages, contacts, and call history, and even help me figure out some data I removed a long time before. With checkboxes, we can easily choose the files we need to recover.

To decide or evaluate, iMyFone D-Back proves to be a light, fast, and easy to use solution if you need to restore deleted files and data from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Moreover, it helps to recover data from iCloud or iTunes backups.

Below are some spotlights of the iPhone data recovery based on our iMyFone D-Back review.

  • iMyFone D-Back has an interactive interface and friendly step guides.
  • Capable of restoring up to 20 file types.
  • The tool can also solve some iOS system issues.
  • Considered as with high recovery rate.
  • Excellent technical support to provide after-sales service.

iMyfone D-Back offers two main ways to recover your iPhone data, one to choose from the scenario why you lost the data, iMyFone name it “Smart Recovery.” The other is to choose from the device or backup. Below are the details.

1. Smart Recovery

Among its different recovery options, the first recovery option is “Smart Recovery.” If you are a newcomer to iMyFone D-Back, it is suggested that you should enter this mode first. As far I know, Smart Recovery is designed for users who don’t know iMyFone D-Back.

So if your data is lost in one of the below situations, Smart Recovery mode might be the easiest solution for you:

  • Lost or deleted data accidentally
  • Factory reset, jailbreak, or iOS upgrade
  • iPhone lost, damaged, or broken
  • iPhone locked
  • iPhone stuck at Apple logo, recovery mode loops, black screen, and more

Different reasons for losing data are displayed on the main screen of this model. Depending on the cause of data loss, it allows jumping to the different recovery modes below.

iMyFone D-Back Review

When I go to “Lost or deleted data by accident” or ” iPhone locked by a forgotten password & others” mode, Smart Recovery will jump to “Recover from iOS device.”

And then providing that I click “Restore factory settings, jailbreak or iOS upgrade” or “iPhone lost, damaged or broken,” I finally enter “Recover from iTunes backup” mode.

When I click on the “Stuck at Apple logo, recovery mode loops, black screen” scene, I was guided to the “Fix iOS System” mode.

iMyFone D-Back - how did you lose the data

2. Recover from iOS Device

iMyfone D-Back can retrieve data straight from your iPhones, even if your mobile phone is showing a black screen or is caught in a recovery loop. D-Back can access up to inside of your iPhone and restore the data, and can also repair your iOS installation with the simple click of a button.

Because this mode allows everyone to recover deleted data directly from iPhone, I think this mode is more worthy for users who don’t make iCloud or iTunes backup.

However, iMyFone only allows this mode up to a specific limit, and other new data will not overwrite the wished data. Because when someone deletes data on the iPhone, they are not completely removed but are in an unallocated state, waiting for other data to overwrite. I sincerely recommend that if you mistakenly delete data or find data loss, stop using the mobile as soon as possible to prevent data from being overwritten.

Here are some simple steps to recover data from iOS devices.

  • Connect and scan any of your iOS devices which are needed to be recovered.
  • Click on “Recover from iOS Device.”
  • Click “Start” to start the scanning for deleted data.
  • Select types of files to be recovered.
  • Click on “Scan” to get started.
  • You will be shown with a preview of lost data, and you can choose from the long thumbnail showcase based on your needs.
  • Click “Recover” and you are all set. The Software will start recovering lost data from your iPhone automatically.

iMyFone D-Back - recover from ios device

3. Recover from iTunes Backup

Hopefully, you’ve backed it up in iTunes so that you can recover your data in case if in the future something went wrong. iMyfone D-Back completely scans iTunes to provide easy access to your backup data. But instead of limiting you to syncing entire categories of data, it offers a straightforward preview menu for each item you might want to recover.

iMyFone D-Back - recover from iTunes backup

In syncing with iTunes, it is better to select this mode to retrieve data choicely. Of course, it is unnecessary to use iMyFone D-Back for data recovery, but you can only use data in iTunes to completely overwrite existing backed up data, resulting in the loss of some data.

Here we go with recover data from iTunes Backup.

Select the “Recover from iTunes Backup” feature and click on the “Note” data type. After clicking on “Next,” this iTunes backup list will be scheduled according to the time.

iMyFone D-Back - select itunes backup file

Select the desired backup file according to the device model, backup date, etc. Then, click “Scan” in the lower right corner. This scanning process will continue for a while. You can check the time it takes to scan the progress bar.

After this step, you will be able to find and view a specific backup. Mark the desired files, and click the “Recover” option. Then choose a file location where the file is stored in the pop-up window.

iMyFone D-Back - preview and recover from iTunes backup

4. Recover from iCloud Backup

The steps in this mode are similar to the previous method. The biggest difference is that filling in an iCloud account and password is a must. After inspection, it can be proved that iMyFone D-Back will not retain information.

iMyFone D-Back - recover from icloud backup

After entering “Recover from iCloud Backup,” type in account info to log in to iCloud.

iMyFone D-Back - login with apple id

After iCloud was scanned by iMyFone successfully, its backup list will be displayed on the screen. Select specific backups and click “Next.”

iMyFone D-Back - select the icloud backup file

Review the files in detail to select specific items and click “Recover” to start the recovery process. Of course, select an intimate file or create a new folder to save recovered files in a pop-up window.

iMyFone D-Back - preview and recover from icloud backup

5. Fix iOS System

This model is designed to solve small problems with iOS devices. If you have to perform one time fix, then this mode is perfect for you. If you are focused on it, you can refer to iOS system recovery.

iMyFone D-Back - fix ios system

The Reasons Behind My Ratings

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Whenever we talk about third-party software effectiveness, iMyFone D-Back comes at the top. It can retrieve almost all types of deleted or lost files from an iOS device. Gratitude to the four comprehensive recovery modes, iMyFone D-Back can deal with a variety of different data loss scenarios. However, it tends to find many files that are not deleted or lost, which makes it harder to locate the items you actually want to recover.

Price: 4/5

We all know that there is a whirlpool of data recovery tools out there, and the competition is quite tight. But the products are known for their prices and quality. Among those recovery tools, I think iMyFone D-Back is the best who greatly considered as good regarding price. It provides very basic packages with a lot of features. So if you are price-conscious, then you can openly use this product.

The software is available to buy from the developer’s official website, starting from $39.95. The beginner edition supports only one device and could last 1 month. There is a Lifetime License for $69.95, which supports up to 5 iDevices/Lifetime.

Ease of use: 5/5

There is no question about the usability of iMyFone D-Back. Elegant user interface design and helpful text instructions make it incredibly easy to handle. Also, the four easy-to-understand recovery modes simplify complex data loss scenarios. Well done, iMyFone team!

Support: 4/5

The iMyFone customer support team can be reached out via standard email. They promise 24/7 support with a response time within 24 hours (usually much less). I emailed them several times, and they were quite responsive. The thing I think they could improve on is customer engagement. While I emailed them several times, they knew my first name but still used the generic “Dear Customer” salutation at the beginning of each email. I’m not sure if this is part of their customer relationship policy or not. I feel an engaging conversation would make customers feel more valued.

Where to Download iMyfone D-Back?

The best place to get the latest version of iMyFone D-back is to visit the official website of iMyFone and download it there. I highly suggest you not download the program from third-party download sites due to security reasons. Also, it’s worth noting that the app isn’t available on the Mac App Store.

iMyfone D-Back Alternatives

iMyFone D-Back is one of such top data recovery applications in the market. Yet, it also has some drawbacks and limitations. For instance, it lacks certain features, and the numbers of files you can retrieve are limited, reported by some users. Due to these disadvantages present in iMyFone, we recommend you look at the top two alternatives to iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery in case you need a replacement someday.

1. iMobie PhoneRescue

iMobie PhoneRescue enables you to restore erased files from various situations, including iOS updates and iDevice damage, besides others. Its user-interface also gives this app another plus. Furthermore, it is as well easy to recover your deleted files directly from your iOS. Among the data types that this tool can recover include messages, videos, notes, and call logs.

imobie phonerescue - iMyFone D-Back alternative


  • 100% securely restore your data with the highest success rate.
  • Retrieve every essential thing for you in every possible way.
  • Just 3 clicks and your whole data will be recovered in minutes, no tech knowledge required.
  • You can recover up to 15 various data types from any iOS device.
  • It offers you the chance to recover data lost from any situation.

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2. dr.fone – Recover

As one of the products of Wondershare, Dr.fone for iOS is another good alternative for iMyFone D-Back. It can recover the iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup. Also, it can restore the lost or deleted data for any reason. The data can recover covers almost 15 kinds, including photos, calendars, reminders, or other data. Besides, it has a straightforward interface; therefore, you can perform it without asking for help from the website customer service.

drfone - best iMyFone D-Back alternative


  • Dr.fone has the greatest recovery rate in the market.
  • Compatible with all the latest devices and Operating Systems.
  • You can preview your data before executing the recovery.
  • Recover your old data without overwriting your current data.
  • You can manage your data during the file transfer process, previewing, adding, or deleting the files you don’t need.
  • You can transfer all your photos and videos, including those in your camera roll, photo library, and photostream.
  • Dr. fone gives you access to all the files on your mobile device, even those that are hard to find.
  • Install and uninstall multiple apps with a click, even pre-installed ones.

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The iMyFone D-Back is an exceptional tool and essential for every iPhone user. We could even be able to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone on both sides (sent and Received). If your problem is lost data, then iMyFone D-Back provides an easy and secure way for even new users to recover treasured information. D-Back proves that, while data loss can be frustrating, it doesn’t have to be lasting.

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