How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Text messages or SMS are essential telecommunication feature available in every smartphone including iPhones. These text messages are stored in your inbox and are the most popular way to communicate over distances. Even most people prefer the “Messages” application to use for their important conversations. But what if you accidentally delete your important chats? Fortunately, there are a few different ways which can help you to recover deleted text messages iPhone without backup. So, if you are searching for how to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone, you are exactly at the right place. We will see different techniques which are truly able to completely retrieve your deleted text messages on iPhone.

Sometimes, a situation like “more space needed on your iPhone” occur and we know that the Messages app takes a lot of memory to work properly. Now, you want to restore your iPhone but what about your important messages? Won’t you keep a backup of them so that you can retrieve them after freeing up space on your iPhone? The problem is where will you keep the backup and how will you retrieve them?

So let’s discuss a detailed overview of how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone and the questions that arise in this kind of scenarios.

Can I Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone?

Yes, you can absolutely recover your deleted text messages on iPhone. Although, iPhone provides its services to recover deleted text messages using iCoud and iTunes. In case, if you didn’t make a backup of your conversations, don’t lose hope, there are third- party software available that can restore your iPhone deleted messages within minutes.

Method 1. Retrieve iPhone Deleted Messages without Backup – Using iMyFone D-Back

Like other data, text messages are stored on the SQLite database. It only shifts its storage slot from “Allocated” to “Unallocated”, whenever you manually or accidentally delete them, The actual data still remains in the database. When you use your mobile and create new data, the entries in the “Unallocated” position would be filled first and the new data will overwrite them. So before it is too late and they are overwritten, you still have the opportunity to get the deleted text messages back.

iMyFone D-Back has been proved the best iPhone data recovery to retrieve iPhone deleted messages, recommended by Cult of Mac, Make Use Of and other famous technology websites and trusted by 1 million + users. The key features of iMyFone D-Back are:

  • The amazing thing about it is it can recover deleted text messages from iPhone directly no matter if you don’t back up your data.
  • Grant users to preview data from iPhone, iTunes backup and iCloud backup before deleted text messages recovery.
  • D-Back uses advanced technology to search and access the deleted messages in the SQLite database in the most accurate way, which makes it the best messages retrieval tool with the highest recovery rate in the market.
  • Another great feature is it only recovers messages you need from iTunes or iCloud without restoring the whole backup.
  • Not only text messages, but it can also restore photos, videos attached in conversations. Other 20+ types of data can be retrieved by this software.
  • Mainly uses 4 Recovery modes which are- Smart Recovery, Recover from iOS Device, iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup help to find the misplaced data with a better rate.
  • Supported by almost all iOS versions on iOS devices, including iOS 12, iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/X and iPhone 8.

You can download it from the iMyFone official website for both Mac and Windows.

Follow these simple instructions to get your deleted text messages back.

Note: The very first thing you should do is to stop using your Apple phone as soon as you find you’ve lost some data. This is to avoid overwriting the deleted text messages.

Free Download Free Download

After successfully downloading iMyFone D-Back, install it on your system. Run the program on your PC and then select “Recover from iOS Device” option.

imyfone recover from ios device

Connect the victim iPhone with the computer and then click on “Next” after the program recognizes the device.

imyfone connect iphone to pc

From the next window, select “Message” and click on “Scan” to start scanning your Apple phone for the deleted text messages.

imyfone select file types to recover from ios device

Wait for a while, you will see all the recoverable messages on the next screen. Select the ones you want to retrieve and then click on the “Recover” option, the tool will let you choose one folder to save the text messages you need.

imyfone recover messages from ios device

Congratulations! Your deleted text messages are successfully recovered. Keep reading our iMyFone D-Back review here.

Method 2. Retrieve Deleted iPhone Text Messages from iCloud Backup

iCloud backups are another great way to retrieve deleted text messages from an iPhone. If you have ever backed up your iPhone data to iCloud, then this method is perfect for you to get back your deleted text messages. If you never did it before, you should be doing punctually iCloud backups. It’s a good idea for saving ALL of your important data, not just text messages that might potentially get deleted.

If you have a backup of your iPhone data in iCloud, you can easily retrieve the deleted messages from there. However, for this, you need to first expunge all the stuff on your iPhone and then replace it with the most recent iCloud backup. To know if the deleted messages are still in the iCloud, you can tap on the backup option to view its date of creation.

The first step to successfully restoring your text messages is to check whether or not you have Messages in iCloud turned on for your iPhone. This feature from the iPhone allows you to save your

text messages to the cloud in case if your device is lost, stolen, or ceases to function.

Follow these instructions to check whether the iCloud backup feature is turned on or off.

Unlock your iPhone and Go to settings.

go to settings

At the top of settings, under your name, you’ll see Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store option, click on that:

apple id icloud itunes app store option in settings

Find the iCloud option and tap on it.

icloud in apple id in settings

Scroll down to the screen and click on iCloud backup.

click  icloud backup in icloud settings

Now check to see if the time of your last backup was before or after you deleted the texts messages that you want to restore.

check the time of the last icloud backup

If the backup is taken before the deletion of your text messages, you’re in luck. Now you need to erase your iPhone whole data and it will make changes to your iPhone data so take care of things that you want to save before erasing iPhone.

To get back your deleted messages go to Settings again.

go to settings

Click on General option.

go to general in settings

You will see a reset option at the end of the screen, click on it.

reset option in general option

Here you need to select Erase all content and settings option.

erase all content and settings option in general settings

A confirmation popup will appear on your mobile screen listing different actions. Choose Erase now option which you can find at the second number.

Note: Don’t choose Backup and Erase Now option otherwise you wouldn’t be able to retrieve your deleted messages.

erase now in general settings

After the reset, your iPhone restarts like it is a new device. Carefully Follow the step by step instructions to get back your messages.

From the Apps & Data screen, select Restore from iCloud Backup.

you will be asked to Enter passwords from iCloud Backup to sign in to iCloud.

Proceed to “Choose backup,” where you will find a list of available backup options. Choose the most recent one that was taken before the deletion of the text messages and that’s it.

Method 3. Retrieve iPhone Deleted Text Messages from iTunes Backup

If the above-described method of recovering deleted text messages don’t work for you, don’t worry; there is another technique to your end, namely iTunes. Similar to retrieving from a backup on iCloud, you should be able to access any saved Text messages via iTunes, as long as you have been doing regular backups on your systems. This is why it is suggested to regularly back up your iPhone to iTunes even if you have enabled automatic iCloud backups.

Follow these simple steps to try to retrieve deleted text messages on your iPhone.

It is possible that you may have disabled this attribute of the PC / Mac syncing process, so if you don’t have access to your SMS here that could be why. You should update these settings from disabled to enabled so that going forward it is easier to restore deleted text messages on your iPhone.

automatically sync when this iphone is connected

The first thing you need to do is connect your iPhone with the system you normally sync it with. iTunes will automatically open if it’s not already running in the process. If it not opens, just click the program to open it up.

When your iPhone is shown in iTunes, click on the Summary option.

summary option in itunes

To recover the data backed up from your iPhone, containing your deleted text messages as well, you will need to click on the “Restore Backup” button. If this option doesn’t appear, you may need to change your backup preferences from iCloud to PC. You can always replace this back after you have reset your iPhone.

change backup references from icloud to pc in itunes
restore backup in itunes

Hold on, this process will take a while in case if you have a lot of data stored on your Apple phone. This process will not work If you have done a synchronization with this computer or Mac since deleting your text messages because iTunes only stores your most recent backup data for a restore.

Considering that you have not done a synchronization with iTunes since you deleted your text messages, this technique should recover those messages back to your Messages app!

Recover with iMyFone D-Back VS Restore From iTunes/iCloud Backup

Below is the table where you can clearly compare all of three methods including their pros and cons.

FeaturesVia D-BackVia iTunes BackupVia iCloud Backup
Success rateHighMediumMedium
Restore deleted messages without backupYesNoNo
Retrieve messages from iTunes backupPreview before restoring Recover without viewingNo
Restore messages from iCloud backupPreview before restoringNoRecover without viewing
View deleted messages within the backupYesNoNo
Restore OptionsSelectively or fullyOnly fully restore Only fully restore
Retrieve deleted text messages without a computerNoNoYes


All three methods mentioned above will definitely help you to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone. Besides text messages, if you have accidentally deleted photos, contacts, notes or other files, you can also try iMyFone D-Back to restore them easily.

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