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How to Reset HP Laptop Forgotten Password on Windows 10/8/7

In this article, you will learn how do I reset my password on my HP laptop. Due to using latest technology and laptop designs HP has got massive attention of most of the laptop lovers so the search results of how to unlock HP laptop forgot password on the internet are much dominant. We are going to discuss a whirlpool of methods which will truly guide you on how to reset HP laptop without password for Windows 7/8/10.

Option 1. Reset HP Laptop Password with Reset Disk

People usually search for “how to reset the password on HP laptop without disk” maybe they don’t know there is another excellent way to reset the lost passwords by using a password reset disk. If you have a password reset disk then resetting HP laptop forgotten password is no issue at all. You can consider it the easiest and time-saving method to unlock a HP laptop.

In this method, you create a password reset disk to make use of if you ever accidentally forget the password of your HP laptop but the one and only important thing required to reset your HP laptop password using a password reset disk is you must have created it before getting locked of your HP laptop.

The laptop password reset method with reset disk is equally valid and useable for every platform of Windows rather it is Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

Steps to Reset HP Laptop password with Reset Disk

Whatever Windows you are using if you enter a Wrong password, it will generate a wrong input message. This situation can be confusing or maybe frustrating but don’t lose patience and simply press the OK button to get the reset password option.

Type a wrong password and press Enter.

put an incorrect password in windows 8

Press OK.

the password is incorrect in windows 8

Click on Reset Password.

reset password option in windows 8

Wait for a while and after some momentsPassword Reset Wizard will appear on your screen. Click Next.

password reset wizard in windows 8

Insert your reset disk into your locked HP laptop and choose it from the list.

insert the password reset disk in windows 8

Set your new password which you want to use for the next time when you log in. Click Next.

enter new password and hint in windows 8

Click Finish.

completing the password reset wizard in windows 8

Option 2. Reset Password on HP Laptop without Disk

The second option for resetting your HP laptop password on Windows 7/8/10 is using different techniques or methods which do not include a password reset disk. So if you have no password reset disk you can try other various methods to get out of the lost password problem.

If you are a HP laptop user then you should know that rather than other laptop companies HP laptops have a little higher security measures and standards. Even the latest models of HP have fingerprint sensors instead of entering a password and HP’s own drivers that let you choose a strong password to protect your laptop from unauthorized access. It sounds great having such a security measure but what if you forgot these complex passwords? It would be a very annoying moment that you can’t access to your important data without entering the correct password and on the other hand reinstalling your OS will completely remove your data. So here are some methods that you can try.

Method 1. Reset HP Laptop without Disk via HP Recovery Manager

If you are an HP laptop user then you have an edge to recover your forgotten password because HP provides its users with a unique password reset method which only applies on HP laptops. So that’s great news and luckily if you forgot the password of a HP laptop then there is no need to try any other methods, HP Recovery Manager can solve your password problem in minutes.

HP Recovery Manager is a powerful tool that has several other purposes other than Windows password reset, but you can also use it to recover your Windows lost password.

The only limitation of this utility is the way it works. Since it removes the Windows 7/8/10 password by completely erasing the primary disk, the whole of your documents, files, and media on that device will be removed. If you are OK then you may proceed with this method.

1.1. Reset HP Laptop Password Windows 7 with HP Recovery Manager

Follow these basic steps to reset your Windows 7 HP laptop password.

Step 1. Shutdown your Windows 7 HP laptop.

Step 2. Detach all the peripheral devices except for the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord from the HP laptop. Remove all recently added internal hardware or media from internal drives.

Step 3. After this start your laptop and repeatedly press the F11 key until you see a screen with the HP Recovery Manager option.

hp recovery manager in windows 7

Step 4. You can find a System Recovery option under I need help immediately, click on it.

choose system recovery in hp recovery manager windows 7

Step 5. A prompt message will appear reminding you to back up your important files first. Select a backup option.

To create a backup of your data select Back up your files first (recommended), and then click Next.

You can also choose to Recover without backing up your files if you are sure you have already back up of your important files. Click on Next.

backup your files first in hp recovery manager windows 7

Step 6. Next option will be the select the file types for which you want to create a backup and then click Next.

file backup program in hp recovery manager windows 7

Step 7. Wait for a while Recovery Manager will scan your laptop for storage devices. Select the storage device to keep the backup, and click on Next.

save backup file in hp recovery manager windows 7

Step 8. When the process of backing up your files is finished, detach the backup disk or storage device, and hit the Next option to continue with the recovery process.

Step 9. A confirmation warning will appear simply click OK.

Step 10. Click Finish to reboot your HP laptop after the system recovery process is completed successfully. Setup screens will appear, go on with them and complete setup of your HP laptop.

Switch off the laptop, reconnect all devices and cables which were detached before starting the procedure, and restart the laptop again.

Reinstall your software that was installed before the system recovery process. That is how you can reset Windows 7 password without disk on HP laptop.

1.2. Reset Windows 8/10 Password with HP Recovery Manager

Follow the steps below to reset your HP laptop Windows 10/8.1/8 to its factory settings without a password using HP Recovery Manager.

Step 1. Turn on or reboot your HP laptop with Windows 10/8 and repeatedly press the F11 key on your keyboard until the “Choose an option” screen appears. Click on “Troubleshoot”.

select troubleshoot in windows 10

Step 2. Select “Recovery Manager”.

select hp recovery manager in windows 10/8

Step 3. It will open a Recovery Manager program, click on the “System Recovery” option.

select system recovery in hp recovery manager windows 10/8

Step 4. You can choose two options from here:

  • Back up your files first
  • Recover without backing up your files.

Choose one of the both and click on Next.

If you select back up your files option, follow the on-screen instructions to select the methods to back up your files.

You can back up your files not only to the computer hard drive but also to an external drive such as a USB or CD/DVD disk. I highly recommended you to back up your complete data to an external device.

Step 5. Detach the backup device when the backup is finished and click on Next to prepare the recovery.

backup options in hp recovery manager windows 10/8

Step 6. Click on the Continue button to start the recovery process.

continue recovery manager in windows 10/8

Step 7. Once your HP laptop factory reset is completed, click on Finish to reboot your hp laptop.

Set up your laptop and restore the files you back up. Moreover, reinstall the software that you need. Your HP laptop is reset to its default factory settings without password.

Method 2. Reset HP Laptop without Password via Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery are usually used to reset the password no matter which Windows version has you installed on your HP laptop. They can substantially help you to find your lost or forgotten HP laptop password.

We are going to discuss some of the easiest, most effective and trusted Windows 7/8/10 password recovery tools for HP laptop.

2.1. Unlock HP Laptop Password with iSunshare Windows Password Genius

iSunshare Windows Password Genius is a powerful tool to recover and remove Windows account password. It gives a rest assurance of 100% password recovery no matter how complicated the Windows password has been set.

Free Download Buy Now

Follow the steps below to reset HP laptop password through iSunshare Windows password genius.

Step 1. After purchasing/ downloading, install Windows Password Genius into an accessible computer, choose one of both USB Device or CD/ DVD option to create a Windows password reset disk.

isunshare windows password genius choose media type

Step 2. I am choosing a USB Drive, but that’s not necessary you can select according to your ease, the procedure for both is the same. Insert the USB drive into an accessible computer/laptop, and click on “Begin Burning” option to proceed.

isunshare begin burning

Step 3. After the disk is created successfully, the password reset disk is ready to reset your HP laptop password. Click OK to continue.

isunshare burning successfully

Step 4. Inset the USB into the locked HP laptop and restart your it to keep the procedure continue. Press the BOOT Menu Key repeatedly when the Windows screen appears, to enter into Boot Menu, then choose a USB drive to boot from.

isunshare boot menu

Step 5. When the Windows Password Genius starts on the HP laptop, choose a user account from the list, then click on the “Reset Password” button to set the password to blank, and click on the “Reboot” button to restart your HP laptop.

isunshare reset password

That’s how iSunshare Windows password Genius works for Windows 10 password reset but also for Windows 8/7/XP/Vista.

Method 3. Reset HP Laptop Password with an Installation Disk

Reset HP Laptop password with an installation disk is another great method. This method is not well known among people and the reason behind is its complications because if you are expert running in commands or don’t have any deep knowledge about Windows files then changing a Windows 7/8/10 password through an installation disk will be a risk for you, but if you are a champion in using commands then you can easily go through with the process. But personally, I suggest you try another HP laptop password reset method instead of this one.

Step to Reset HP Laptop Password Windows 7/8/10 with Installation Disk

To get started with reset HP laptop Password through an installation disk method follow the steps given below:

Step 1. First of all, create a bootable USB drive or DVD/CD for your Windows 7 on another accessible computer. If would be great if you have already created it.

Step 2. After making it bootable, insert this USB drive into your locked HP laptop and click on Reboot. You will see a “press any key to continue” message on the Windows screens so press any key from your keyboard. GUI of Windows installation will appear, click on Next.

install windows 7

Step 3. Choose the Repair your Computer option among different actions listed on the bottom left of the window screen.

repair your computer in windows 7

Step 4. Choose Recovery tool radio button to repair your HP laptop. The setup program will locate which operating system you have been installed. Confirm the right operating system by clicking on Next.

system recovery options in windows 7

Step 5. You can find many system recovery options on your screen, choose the Command Prompt option and click on the Restart link.

choose command prompt in system recovery options windows 7

Step 6. In this step, we will make a copy of “sethc.exe” file in order to be able to undo this process later if something went wrong. Type the following command on your cmd screen to make a copy of this file to C: \ directory:

copy C:\Windows\System32\sethc.exe C:\
make a backup copy of sethc.exe

Step 7. In the next step, we have to replace the “sethc.exe” file with the “cmd.exe” file. Enter the following command.

copy /y C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe C:\Windows\System32\sethc.exe

Step 8. Type “exit” to close the command line, detach the bootable device from the HP laptop and restart your laptop again. After the restart, instantly hit the Shift key five times at the Windows login screen.

Step 9. Enter the following command to set a new password for your HP laptop.

net <username> <new pasword>
net username new password

Step 10. Insert the USB again into your HP laptop and re-enter into command prompt line to restore the original state of copied “sethc.exe” file of the lock function to its default location. For this whole scenario, type this command.

copy /y C:\sethc.exe C:\Windows\System32\sethc.exe

That’s it, exit the CLI and reboot your HP laptop to login to your Windows with the new password.

Bear in mind, if you’re not expert in this, I suggest to not use this method to reset your HP laptop password.

That’s all, you have successfully changed your Windows password on HP laptop.


That’s it! Hope this article helped you on how to reset HP laptop forgotten password on Windows 10/8/7. If you still have any confusion or experienced any difficulty following the instructions, please let us know in the comments section so that we can make it better for good user experience.

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