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How to Reset Forgotten Password on Dell Laptop with/without Disk

The situation can be very annoying in case if you forgot Dell laptop password accidentally but there is no need to worry at all. With the time being, where security measures are increased, the ways to overcome these security risks are also modified. Now there are numerous ways through which you can recover your lost Windows password in minutes. We will discuss a bundle of solutions on how to unlock a Dell laptop without a password and how to reset Dell laptop password without disk. So let’s see what to do if I forgot my Dell laptop password.

Option 1. Reset Dell Laptop Password with Password Reset Disk

Whenever we look for a way to reset forgotten Dell laptop password, the very first method that comes into our mind is using password reset disk. If you ever thought that you can forget your dell laptop password in future and precautionary prepared a reset disk then this method is exactly for you.

Step 1. Now we will see how password reset disk can be used to unlock your Dell computer. If you forgot your Dell laptap password then putting an incorrect password will create a Reset Password option at the Windows login screen, click on it and insert the reset disk into your laptop.

reset password option in windows 10

Step 2. Click on Next.

password reset wizard in windows 10

Step 3. Choose the password reset disk you just pluged in from the dropdown and click on Next.

insert the password reset disk in windows 10

Step 4. Enter a new password and password hint for your Dell laptop then click on Next.

enter new password and password hint in windows 10

Option 2. Reset Dell Laptop Password without Disk

If you never have a password reset disk and forgot your Dell laptop password then don’t worry we have other methods for you which reset Dell laptop password without password reset disk. So let’s explore how these methods work for Windows 7/8/10.

Method 1. Reset Dell Laptop Password by Resetting Microsoft Account Password(Windows 10/8 Only)

If you are logged in into Windows 8/10 through Microsoft Account then resetting Windows 10 password hardly takes up to 5 minutes. The only thing needed to unlock Dell laptop password using Microsoft account is, you must have internet. Open Chome or any browser you prefer to use and search for Microsoft Windows Password Reset online where you can easily reset your Microsoft password just in following steps:

Step 1. Type your Email address which is linked with your Windows account and click on Next button

microsoft windows password reset for windows 10

Step 3. A window will appear in front of you with numerous options of password recovery, you can receive a verification code either at your email or at your associated phone number with Microsoft account, After entering any of above click on Send Code option.

verify your identity of microsoft account

Step 4. Check your Inbox, an email will come to you from Microsoft with security code, Enter the code in the required field and click on Next.

enter code to verify your identify of microsoft account

Step 5. Enter the new password that you would like to use for future use and click on Next button.

enter the new password of microsoft account

That’s it! You will see a success screen on your screen with a message of “Your account has been recovered” if everything goes well.

You can now sign in to your Windows 8/10 Dell laptop using this new password but keep in mind that your Dell laptop must be connected to the internet while entering new password otherwise, you won’t be able to log in to your Windows.

Method 2. Reset Dell Laptop Password in Safe Mode(For Windows 7)

If you don’t have a password reset disk, resetting laptop password through safe mode is one of the best methods to regain access to your locked Dell laptop but most of the users even don’t know the method of password recovery through the safe mode exists or not. So don’t worry if you have forgot your Dell laptop password with Windows 7 because we will tell you how easily you can log into your Windows in Safe Mode and make changes to the main account settings.

In every version of Windows, normally there occupy three types of safe mode which are:

  • Safe Mode
  • Safe Mode with Networking
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt

We typically use simple safe mode to reset Dell laptop password because it is a bit easier then Safe Mode using command prompt. Let’s see how to reset your Windows 7 password in safe mode.

You might know that a built-in administrator account is created in every Windows while its installation and when you start your Windows, this administrator account doesn’t show on the main login screen. And the reason for that is, It only becomes visible on the login screen when you have enabled it. You can search on the internet to check how to enable Windows 7 built-in administrator account, so here we consider that you have already enabled it and now facing the forgot Dell laptop password problem in Windows 7 .

Follow the following steps carefully to get rid of Dell laptop forgotten password problem.

Step 1. Turn on or reboot your system. Repeatedly press F8 button from the keyboard before Windows logo appears to enter into the Advanced Boot Options. Choose Safe Mode by up and down arrow keys and press Enter.

safe mode in windows 7

Step 2. After the Windows load system files, it will show you the login screen, choose the account which is named as Administrator.

select default administrator account in windows 7

In case if administrator account doesn’t show, click on Switch User and select the Administrator account.

switch user in windows vista

Step 3. Now you can change/remove password of the admin account, go to the Windows menu bar and search for the control panel. Find the User Accounts option among other options in the control panel and click on it.

choose user account in control panel of windows vista

Step 4. Select Manage another account option from the user accounts.

manage another account in user accounts of windows vista

Step 5. Click on the user account for which you want to change password. Select either Change the password option or Remove the password option.

change or remove password in user accounts of windows vista

After changing your forgotten Windows 7 password, you can easily unlock your Dell laptop with the new password.

Method 3. Reset Dell Laptop Password with Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password recovery software is usually used for Windows password reset. They can massively help you in case if you lost or forgot your Dell laptop password. There are many Windows password recovery tools available which can perform Dell laptop password reset in some easy steps. Here we will discuss some easy tools which come up with 100% recovery rate.

3.1. Unlock Dell Laptop Password with iSunshare Windows Password Genius(All Windows Version)

iSunshare Windows Password Genius is a great source to recover/remove Windows local user and admin password. No matter how complex the Dell laptop password has been set, It commits 100% success with a guarantee of password recovery.

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  • iSunsahre Windows Password Genius can easily recover Windows local administrator/domain administrator and other users/domain passwords.
  • Capable of creating a new administrator account.
  • Remove/reset Windows 7/8/10 password in an easy and efficient manner.
  • Effectively Reset Windows 7/8 /10 Microsoft account password.

Follow the steps below to reset Windows password for your locked Dell laptop.

Step 1. Install and run the program into an accessible computer, choose a USB Device and insert an empty USB flash drive.

isunshare windows password genius choose media type

Step 2. Click on “Begin Burning” button to create a password reset disk.

isunshare begin burning

Step 3. After the password reset disk created successfully, remove and attach the created USB password reset disk to the locked Dell laptop and restart the laptop. Then boot the laptop from the USB disk.

isunshare boot menu

Step 4. Now you can see the Windows Password Genius interface in the locked Dell laptop, select a Windows operating system and user account you want to reset password, click on the “Reset Password” button and then “Reboot” button to restart your laptop.

isunshare reset password

That’s how to iSunshare Windows password Genius can help you to reset Dell laptop password.

3.2. Unlock Dell Laptop Password with Kon-Boot

Kon-Boot is one of the oldest password cracking methods and it was totally free utility but recently becomes paid. If you own a Dell Laptop, then this tool can help you. Kon-Boot software reset/remove Windows login authentication without overwriting the old Windows password. The utility modifies the kernel while the system starts. Kon-Boot makes changes in the kernel but not permanently. So, the original files of the kernel will get restored when you next time restart your Dell laptop.

The great thing is that Kon-Boot works with all version of Windows operating system. Interestingly, able to reset Windows 8/8.1 password through online authentication. But this online authentication doesn’t work for Windows 10 yet. Though the program allows adding new root user account in Windows 10. You need to have access to another computer to burn Kon-Boot into CD or USB device.

Download latest version of Kon-Boot to follow the instructions below.

Follow these simple steps to reset your Dell laptop through Kon-Boot free version.

Step 1: Download and Extract the Kon-Boot 1.1 Zip File. (The password for the zip file is Kon-boot by default).

Step 2: Now, You will find two more zip files after extracting the previous one. Extract the file labeled as “CD-Konboot” file, and you’ll get the image file inside it.

Step 3: Insert a blank CD into the CD-ROM, and burn that image file using “IMG burner” software utility.

Step 4: After burning the image file into CD drive, insert it into a locked Dell laptop for which you want to reset the password and boot from it. That’s all, Kon-Boot will automatically remove the forgotten password. And, you will able to login to your Dell laptop.



We have discussed almost every effective method for Dell laptop password reset. Hope this article has helped you to unlock forgotten Dell laptop password.

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