How to Recover Forgotten iTunes Backup Password for iPhone/iPad

iTunes is one of the astonishing applications created by Apple that gives you a chance to complete plenty of things on your PC. From helping you store and compose your music tracks to giving you a chance to make backups of your iOS gadgets, iTunes does every one of the things you could ever need to deal with your iOS gadgets.

Something iTunes does is it gives you a chance to make backups of your iOS device. That way, when you are going to do something on your iOS gadget, you would firstly to make a backup and afterward do anything you desire. If the new thing makes your gadget stable, you can restore your device with the backup you initially made and that will get your cell phone running.

There is additionally a choice to protect the iTunes backup files with a password so they don’t go in the wrong hands. On the off chance that you have password secured your iTunes backup however you don’t have the foggiest idea about the password means you forgot iPhone backup password, at that point you have to utilize some of the software’s referenced underneath to recover iPhone encrypted backup password and to have the option to get to the backup’s content.  

I Forgot My Encrypted iPhone Backup Password, What to Do?

From the beginning Apple has been continually utilizing various kinds of encryption to shield their encoded iTunes backup from unapproved accessing, cracking and viewing. In their recent updates they changed the original algorithmic mechanism, this new encryption algorithm extraordinarily improved its security against password guessing attacks and password spilling.

Concerning Apple Users, we are not new to iTunes backup encryption, it’s a valuable function which helps clients to secure their privacy from undesirable access. When you select your iTunes backup record, you should remember the password, this kind of password isn’t alike to your iPhone’s lock password or your Apple ID’s password. In the event that you forgot iTunes encrypted backup password then your backup information will be secure forever, for everyone. Unquestionably, you can make another backup to overwrite the old one yet knows that this will overwrite any previous iPhone backups, and eradicate everything for your backup, it isn’t prescribed.

On the off chance that you forgot encrypt iPhone backup password, truth be told, there are a couple of techniques you can use to recover lost iPhone backup password.

1. Try All Possible Passwords You Would Think of

When you want to restore your encrypted backup but you don’t remember the password and try all passwords like Apple ID password or iCloud password but you can’t access the backup. Because the encrypted backup password is different from the normal passwords. So, if you create an encrypted iTunes backup with password then keep remember that password and you want to simple backup then off the encryption option when you making an iTunes backup.

2. Recover Forgotten iTunes Backup Password with an iPhone Backup Unlocker

Unfortunately, on the off chance that you forgot the iPhone backup password, you can’t get to the backup documents again and Apple doesn’t offer an approach to reset iTunes backup password. That’s why some third-party iTunes Backup recovery tools are out there. These iPhone backup unlocker are very helpful when you forgot your iTunes backup password.

2.1. Recover Forgotten iPhone Backup Password with iMyFone KeyGenius

The iMyFone KeyGenius iPhone backup unlocker is an incredible iPhone backup password recuperation software that utilizes advanced algorithms to aid you to discover the password in an effective manner. The product is modified with the most recent innovation in 2019 and highlights 3 best in class iPhone password deciphering modes. On account of these, KeyGenius has an exceptionally high achievement rate with regards to recouping iPhone backup password.

Step 1: Install and launch KeyGenius and click on “Unlock iTunes Backup”

select unlock itunes backup

Step 2: Then choose the backup from the list that you want to unlock and click on the “Next” button.

imyfone select backup

Step 3: After selecting the backup now select the unlocking method and click on “Start”. It will start the process, wait for successfully completed.

imyfone select unlock type
imyfone unlock itunes backup password successfully

2.2. Recover Forgotten iPhone Backup Password with Keychain on Mac

You can recover iTunes backup password if your password is stored in Keychain by following these steps:

Step 1: On your Mac, go to Applications, then Utilities and then open Keychain Access app.

Step 2: On the left side of the Keychain Access window click on login. Now you can see a list of applications and websites that utilize Keychain Access to save login information. Search in the list and find the iPhone backup entry.

keychain access find iphone backup password

Step 3: To open the iPhone Backup login item double click on it. It will open a new window with additional details about your iTunes backup account. On this window check the checkbox of “Show password”.

keychain access check show password

Step 4: It will ask you to enter your Mac OS user password to continue. Enter the password and click on the “Allow” button. After authenticate it return to the previous window and password shows in a plain text.

keychain access allow keychain password

3. Erase the Password by Resetting All Settings

Reset all Settings helps you to reset all the settings on your iPhone to their default settings. Through this process, you will not lose any data because it resets only system settings. But it is always suggesting you make a backup of your iPhone before trying anything on your device. To reset the settings follows the below steps:

Go to “Settings”, tap on “General”, click on Reset. From the list click on “Reset All Settings”, it will ask your device passcode, after entering it will proceed.

reset all setting in iphone

4. Use iCloud Backup as Alternative

As an alternative of iTunes backup iCloud is the best option to make a backup on it. To backup iPhone to iCloud, go to iPhone Settings, click on your name, then click iCloud and tap on Backup Now.

icloud backup in iphone

And if you want to restore your backup from iCloud then you should reset your device first before restoring iCloud backup which implies every one of your data and settings will be eradicated. So, you are not to lose some other data, simply attempt iMyFone D-Back to see all the data inside your iCloud backup.

Follow the instruction to restore a backup from iCloud.

restore iphone from icloud backup

Alt: Restore from iCloud Backup

Bonus: How to Turn Off iTunes Backup Encryption Once You Get the Password

To avoid the encrypted iTunes backup password forgot situation it is recommended to off the encryption from iTunes. To do this follow the beneath instructions:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with your PC and open iTunes

Step 2: From the device, list select your current device and ensure that it’s on the summary tab

Step 3: Under the “Backup” heading, uncheck the “Encrypt Local Backup”. You will need an original password that was set for removing encryption by you.

remove iphone backup encryption

In this article, we suggest you different third-party iPhone backup recovery tools recover the forgotten password. It’s your choice to use which one software. Apple also gives you an application named “Keychain Access” that helps you to remember the password of your different used applications and backups. Also, you can turn off the encryption if you don’t need it.

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