How to Fix iPhone Keeps Turning Off and Back On

Is your iPhone keeps turning on and off? In this article, I will show you how to go through with this kind of confusing situation. An iPhone mobile that keeps turning on and off by itself or has random restarts problem could have an issue with its internal software or it could be a sign of a hardware problem. Many iPhone users have literally complained about this scenario. That’s why I decided to show you some quick fixes without spending a single penny.

Automatic random restarts appeared among the symptoms of performance degradation in iPhone mobile devices. These indications normally occur on old devices but can also transpire in new devices when caused by some factors like malware, system bugs, corrupt system files, and bad apps. Memory-related problems like when the phone’s internal memory is running quite low are also among the possible factors. In the worst cases, the phone would undergo the same symptoms due to hardware damage. But before rushing to an Apple service center, there are some helpful changes you can try to solve the issue on your end.

Part 1. Why Does My iPhone Keep Turning Off and On

When you turn on your iPhone, it comes up with the Apple logo, and instead of booting the iPhone normally, the phone goes off and displays the Apple logo again and again. This could happen due to many reasons, and it is important for you to know what the reasons could be so that you can have an idea of actually happened with your iPhone and then you can sort it out according to that problem.

Failed Update

This is one of the most general reasons why your iPhone keeps turning off and on by itself. If you recently tried to update your iPhone to the latest version and the process stopped midway or the update failed, it could result in the problem of iPhone turning off and on continuously.

Attack from Malware

Normally, this rarely happens with an iPhone except jailbroken ones.  Jailbroken iPhone can install apps from outside sources thereby making the device unguarded to external security threats like malware. If you have an application installed from an untrusted source to your iPhone, it can result in iPhone repeatedly restarting.

Hardware Problem

Hardware problems also occur hardly, but sometimes a crashed component of your phone can make it start turning on and off. For example, the power key on your iPhone may be loose which may cause your iPhone to start going on and off.

Unstable Driver

If you just made some updates/changes on your phone and the driver is not functioning well, it could result in a restart loop, and you may have to update your iPhone’s software to fix the problem.

Faulty Battery Indicator

The battery indicator is one of the very general reasons that your iPhone keeps turning off and back on which might be displaying 0% even if it is full at 100%. This can make the OS think that the battery is drained, resulting in turning the iPhone off and on.

Software Incompatibility

Software conflict is the most common reason that people usually face. Your software might be corrupted or incompatible with other services. It can interfere with other OS services that can force your iPhone to turn off.

Inactive Applications

Another reason why your iPhone keeps rebooting maybe because of sluggish applications that take up space and slow your iPhone down. Applications like these are usually the cause of unnecessary restarting.

Part 2. Tips to Fix iPhone Keeps Turning On and Off issue

iPhone that keeps rebooting commonly contains two cases: it restarts irregularly, for example, after every few minutes/seconds or it continuously reboots and stuck in a restart loop. Here, I will show you the solutions according to these two scenarios.

Tip 1. Hard Reset Your iPhone

When you’re facing problems with your iPhone like randomly shutting off, the first and easiest step to fixing it is normally restarting the mobile. In this case, however, you need to use a particular type of restart, called a hard reset. A hard reset is dissimilar from a standard restart because it more efficiently and deeply resets the operating system and memory on the iPhone but it doesn’t interact with your data. If the cause of the restarts is an application with an error that causes it to drain the battery faster than it should, this can sort out the problem. Here’s what you have to do:

This process is different for various iPhone model, and the steps are emphasized below.

  • iPhone 6s and older models: Concurrently press and hold the home and power buttons until the screen turns black then later, the Apple logo appears on the screen, then you can let go of the buttons.
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: At the same time press and hold the power button with the volume down button. Release the buttons immediately you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XSMAX, and XR: Press the volume up button then the volume down button and afterward press the power button and hold it until the Apple logo displays.
hard reset iPhone to fix iPhone turning on and off

Tip 2. Check for Faulty Apps and Remove Them

Another possible cause of your iPhone continuous restart/shutdown issue is maybe a buggy application. Some applications may not have been updated from a while and not meets with the latest iOS or maybe they were not well-coded. The first thing you have to do is find applications on your iPhone that you no longer use and remove it. It can be a game that you only played once or an app that found useful but you never used it. After deleting the apps, reboot your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, start removing apps that you occasionally use until it appears to solve the issue. However, if you delete every app and it still does not solve the problem, more substantial options may be necessary.

remove apps from iphone

Tip 3. Drain iPhone Battery

If your iPhone begins to glitch such as turning off and back on all by itself, there is probably an issue somewhere, and a plain trick like draining the phone’s battery can fix things.

  • Allow your iPhone’s battery to get drained entirely. It might take some time to do this, but you have to wait for it so the battery can totally discharge. Wait till the iPhone turns off on its own.
  • Plug your iPhone to power and allow it to charge completely.
  • Once the battery is full, restart your iPhone to see if the problem is fixed.
drain iphone battery

Tip 4. Fix iPhone Keeps Turning On and Off with an iOS System Recovery – iMyfone Fixppo

Did nothing work for you? Don’t let down because we have a whirlpool of solutions for you. When your iPhone is troubling serious errors/issues, the best option is to repair your iOS with an iOS System Recovery. This option isn’t that easy and may wipe out everything and that’s a big reason because most users go for the other available options, for example, iTunes restore. But now you don’t have to worry because iMyFone Fixppo solves your problem very well. It can easily repair your iOS by eliminating bugs and issues and the great part about it is that you don’t use any data at all. Here I have outlined the key features to help you better understand Fixppo.


  • It can fix numerous iOS problems, including iPhone keeps turning on and off, Apple logo not appears, recovery mode, DFU mode, white/black screen and many more.
  • iMyFone Fixppo’s Standard Model lets you fix and repair iPhone/iPad without losing data.
  • It also provides the Advanced Mode to fix drastic iOS problems.
  • Extensive compatibility covering the latest iPhone XS/XR running iOS 12 and even old iPhone 6/5/4.

Download iMyFone Fixppo and launch the application on your computer. Then choose the Standard Mode from the main menu.

imyfone fixppo choose standard mode

Connect your iPhone device with this tool and click Next to further proceed. If the device isn’t detected by the Fixppo, it will ask you to enter recovery mode, just follow the sequence of steps to proceed.

connect iphone to computer

It will then ask you to download the firmware. Download the latest firmware from the list of available versions that will be shown to you. Click on the download button.

imyfone fixppo download ios firmware

After the software is downloaded successfully, click the Start button and the program will start to fix your iPhone automatically. Do not disconnect the mobile during the process to avoid it getting bricked.

imyfone fixppo fixing ios system

Wait for a while and iMyFone Fixppo will fix your iPhone issue automatically on its own.

imyfone fixppo successfully fix ios system

Hope so your issue will be resolved by this method. Or you can keep reading our Fixppo review here.

Tip 5. Restore Your iPhone Using iTunes (Data Loss)

If nothing of the above methods works, performing iOS restore can be contemplated as the last option. You can use iTunes to reset your iPhone on an operating system. You can take a with start the standard iTunes restore. If that still failed to resolve the problem, then you can proceed further and restore your iPhone in recovery mode. Here’s how to go with the process:

  • First of all, switch off your iPhone then connect it to the operating system using the USB cable. Then follow the next steps to enter recovery mode.
  • Instantly press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Next, press and instantly release the Volume Down button.
  • Then, press and hold the Power button until a screen with Connect to iTunes message appears in front of you. This confirms that your iPhone has entered recovery mode.
  • When you are asked to choose the option to Update or Restore, choose Update if you want to restore without deleting data. Otherwise, click Restore to wipe everything from your mobile.
  • To restore your iPhone device from a previous iOS backup, click the option to Restore then follow the ongoing instructions to choose the backup file that you want to restore from.
use itunes to restore iphone in recovery mode

Aside from a recovery mode restore, you can also restore your iPhone by entering in DFU mode. DFU or default firmware update mode restore is the extensive type of system restores done on an iPhone. It enables iTunes to communicate with your iPhone without initiating the boot loader, thus making it possible to repair fatal system errors even when the system is totally crashed.

Tip 6. Check for Hardware Issues

If random restarts continue and that your iPhone persists to turn on and off after implementing all possible solutions, at this point, you can call or visit the nearest Apple-authorized service center in your place. Ask an authorized iPhone technician to completely inspect your device for any indications of hardware damage. Your iPhone might have obtained some kind of liquid damage or physical damage. In that case, your iPhone needs to be repaired. If your iPhone is still covered by AppleCare Warranty, contact your carrier for official suggestions and guides.

check for hardware issues


iPhone keeps turning on and off? Now it is the time to fix the problem by following the above methods derived from actual cases. We are committed to helping our readers fix the problems with their mobile devices as well as learn how to appropriately use their phones. After all of the solutions, I went through to fix my phone, I found iMyFone Fixppo to be the best one. It is an easy, efficient and fast way to get rid of your iPhone continuously turning on and off problem.

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