How To Factory Reset iPhone 8(Plus) Without Passcode or iTunes

Mobile Phones these days are not less than a mini-computer. iPhone 8 & iPhone 8(Plus) range among the best in standard mobiles that has advanced level functionalities and stand feasible to many more activities or any application usage. With that, it has a feature to reset the device to factory setting directly from the Settings menu or via iTunes. But if you lose the iPhone 8 passcode, it is mandatory to learn how to reset iPhone 8 to factory setting without Passcode.

Reset to factory setting is a kind of system format which erases all the data on the iPhone and refreshes it to its original settings, as it was bought from the store. It is possible to reset the iPhone through the “Settings” menu or iTunes, but the primary requirement for it is the Passcode. But if you forget the Passcode or the phone gets disabled due to multiple password entry, you can check out a few useful and secure methods on how to Factory reset iPhone 8 plus without Passcode.

The prime use of this feature is to reset the system settings whenever it faces any technical issues due to any malfunction occurring in the iPhone. In other cases, before selling the iPhone 8 or any other iPhone, it is recommended to erase the data, using a factory reset option. Apart from the above scenario, a very important utilization of factory reset is when the user happens to lose or forget the passcode of iPhone 8. It is one of the main reason for queries that related how-to Factory reset iPhone 8 without password.

Given below are some useful methods with which you can Factory reset iPhone 8 without passcode or iTunes, while the easiest of them is via iMYFone LockWiper. We have also included some extra tips that can help you in factory reset iPhone 8 via iTunes or permanently erase iPhone 8 without password.

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Method 1: Factory Reset iPhone 8 Without iTunes via settings

Every mobile device including the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus has an option in the Settings menu known as reset. It can erase all the data from the mobile and makes it to the default system settings. Factory reset through settings is a simple process which applies only a few clicks and taps and is provided for the user to tackle the typical or significant glitches on the device. Your iPhone 8 may be slowing down due to a faulty file and App, or you just want to delete everything to refresh your device for some reason.

Reset iPhone 8 via settings is an instant process that repairs and restores your device but definitely at the cost of your data saved over it. So before applying this method, you should ensure that all the essential data on the device has been backed up. The primary purpose is definitely to help the customer on the spot and not to make him run to the service centre every time for the issues that can be handled by self. If you haven’t lost or forgot your passcode, you can simply apply the trick below to get the iPhone 8 to factory reset via Settings option.

Step 1. From the home screen of your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus, and open the “Settings”.

Step 2. From the Settings menu, go to the “General” section, and find the “Reset” option and click on it.

Step 3. There are several options given in this section. For Factory Reset you can choose the “Reset All Settings” or “Erase All Content and Settings” option.

Reset iPhone 8 To Factory Settings

Step 4. Click on the option as per your requirement, and enter the required six-digit passcode of your iPhone, permitting it to reset.

Factory reset iPhone 8 through the Settings menu is a process that takes a bit of time but refreshes the device entirely. When the process ends, your iPhone 8 will reboot and restart on its own, resolving all the temporary issues.

Method 2: Factory Reset iPhone 8 Without Passcode and iTunes Via iMYFone LockWiper

After analyzing the complexities of the reset process on the Apple devices, some renowned group of people have developed a utility tool “iMYFone”, typically focusing over Apple devices. A part of this tool is iMyFone LockWiper which specializes itself in Factory reset iPhone 8 without Passcode. It can also unlock Apple ID without password or remove the Passcode from a broken, disabled or locked screen.

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iMyFone LockWiper is easy to use computer application, which can be directly downloaded from the website. To use iMyFone LockWiper tool for Factory reset iPhone 8 without Passcode or iTunes, you only need to install the software on a PC and connect your device with it. Rest everything is done by this tool and in a few minutes you get back your mobile with problems rectified.

iMyFone LockWiper supports almost all the latest Windows and Mac OS Computers, having a minimum of 1GHz processor and 256 MB RAM. When you have issues regarding Passcode, and thinking how to reset iPhone 8 to factory setting without Passcode; then simply connect your device with iMyFone LockWiper and reset settings without any data loss. Read iMyFone LockWiper review here.

Key Features of iMyFone LockWiper:

  • iMyFone LockWiper is simple, secure and efficient to tool for Factory reset iPhone 8 without Passcode.
  • It supports Operating Systems of Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & MAC 10.9/10.15.
  • It requires 1GHz of the processor with 256 MB RAM.
  • It needs 200 MB of free storage space.
  • The trial version is available for free.
  • Full version can be purchased for 1 PC as Basic plan licensed for 1 iOS device & Family Plan or Multi-User Plan licensed for more than 1 iOS device.
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee with free lifetime upgrades on all purchased versions.
  • Free tech support with a complete guide available on the website.

Steps To Use iMyFone LockWiper for Factory Reset iPhone 8(Plus) without Passcode Or iTunes

iMyFone LockWiper is a professional iPhone passcode bypass software that eases your stress level whenever you are irritated with the working condition of your iOS devices. To reset iPhone 8 to factory setting without Passcode, download and install the software on any computer. The software downloads & connects instantly as the program size is approx 1 MB, while the software panel is easy to understand and apply the steps. To use iMyFone LockWiper for your iPhone, quickly turn ON your PC, install the tool on it and follow the guidance given here.

Step 1. Hit the LockWiper desktop icon to “Start” the program.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone 8 or any iOS device with the computer using Apple USB cable.

Connect Your iPhone 8 & Choose Unlock Screen Passcode Option

Step 3. For Factory reset iPhone 8 without Passcode, choose the “Unlock Screen Passcode” from the three given options on the screen.

Click Start To Detect Your iPhone 8

Step 4. Click the “Start” button on the next page, and you can find your iOS device automatically detected by the software.

Click To Download The Firmware for iPhone 8 Plus

Step 5. The tool provides a compatible firmware to your iPhone, which you have to download by clicking the “Download” button.

Click Start To Extract To Initiate The factory reset Process

Step 6. When the download finishes click the “Start to Extract” button on the next page to unpack the firmware.

Step 7. Now on the next page click “Start Unpack” button to allow the LockWiper to work on your iPhone.

Reset iPhone 8 To Factory Settings Without Passcode

The tool may take a few minutes, and after the process ends, your device gets unlocked and iMyFone LockWiper efficiently reset iPhone 8 to factory setting without Passcode.

Method 3: Factory reset iPhone 8 Without Passcode Via iCloud

iCloud is a secure online data storage service for iOS devices that stays connected to your iPhone and keeps it updated. Apart from saving the data as cloud storage, the distinctive feature of the iCloud is “Find My iPhone.” It is enabled to locate your iPhone and remotely lock or erase all the data in it. Keeping this on account, it is even possible to Factory reset iPhone 8 without passcode or iTunes.

One of the functions of the Find My iPhone feature of iCloud is Erase iPhone. It facilitates the user to delete all the data, apps and settings on the iPhone and reset it to factory setting. It is purposefully provided to the user to help him erase and reset the iPhone, in case the device gets lost or stolen. After the data is erased via Find My iPhone, it will not be located or tracked any more on the iCloud, and the iPhone gets removed from the list of trusted devices. The one thing that you need to have is Apple ID password if you wish to Factory reset iPhone 8 without Passcode via iCloud. Read the process given below to understand how to use iCloud for Factory reset iPhone 8 or 8 plus.

Open to factory reset iPhone 8 plus

Step 1. Go to the browser on your PC or any mobile device and open the website

Step 2. Use your Apple ID and password to login, and select “All devices” option given on the top.

Click Erase iPhone Button for iPhone 8

Step 3. Click on your iPhone 8 mobile and hit the “Erase iPhone” button.

The above process will instantly delete everything on your iPhone, from settings, & apps to data, & passcode. The erasing process only initiates when the device gets connected to the network.

Extra Tips to Reset iPhone 8 to Factory Settings without Passcode:

Above is the simplified description of ways to Factory reset iPhone 8 without passcode or iTunes. But if they do not appeal you for some reason although you have trouble in applying the passcode, then you can use the iTunes method. With this some users have posted queries on the search portals, how to reset iPhone 8 without password? continue reading the article below to get the answer to such issues.

Tip 1: Factory Reset iPhone 8 Without Passcode Via iTunes

iTunes is the connecting application of your iPhone to the Apple server and is not just a music or entertainment app but also a device management utility tool. If you ever face any technical issues on your iPhone, you can use the iTunes as a fix to recover and restore the device to its default settings. The restore function of the iTunes completely erases all the data and settings on the device, including the passcode. The only condition that implies while using this process is that the iPhone should have been synced using the iTunes before. To learn how to reset iPhone 8 to factory settings without passcode via iTunes, follow the method below.

Step 1. Use the Apple cable to connect your iPhone 8 to the PC and click to open the iTunes.

click Device Icon On iTunes

Step 2. Click on the device icon on the top to open the device section.

From Summary Click Restore iPhone Button to factory reset iPhone 8

Step 3. Go to the “Summary” option from the left column and click the “Restore iPhone” button, given under your device details.

Step 4. Click the “Restore” button on the pop-up window.

Step 5. Click the “Next” button on the iPhone Update Window and “Agree” button on the License and Agreement section.

The iTunes will take some time in restoring the device, and ultimately when the process ends; you have your iPhone 8 reset to factory setting.

Tip 2: Permanently Erase iPhone 8 Without password

It is commonly observed that many mobiles or iPhone users apply the factory reset option on their device to erase the data and bringing the device to its default condition. The primary purpose of deleting the data and other details concerning their identity is to secure the risk of privacy from getting compromised. iMyFone has designed a unique application, iMyFone Umate Pro, which is a highly recommended solution for the erasing purpose.

People are not aware of the fact that these digital devices are designed in such a way that any data ever stored on these devices, never get wholly deleted. No matter whether you delete the files or credentials on the spot or reset your device to factory setting, the data stays on the device in the hidden form and is recoverable using hi-tech software. Here comes the role of iMyFone Umate Pro, which ensures deletions of entire iOS with 0% possibility of restoration of any application data, activity history, credentials, chat or log in details, photos, videos, contacts, etc. Read our iMyFone Umate Pro review here.

Permanently Erase iPhone 8 Using iMYFone Umate Pro

If you are searching for ways to Factory reset iPhone 8 without Passcode or iTunes, but your actual purpose is emptying the mobile phone without leaving behind any traces, iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser is the one-stop solution to it. There can be many situations when you should completely delete the data on the iPhone. One of the most common scenarios is when you are reselling your device to someone, or the other way is when you are purchasing an old iPhone from an unknown. In both these cases, you should genuinely erase the device and leaving no remains on it to resume.

The objective behind this is to secure the personal private information, before giving the mobile to differ hands and without any chance to get the data compromised and misused by malicious elements later on. While if you are receiving or purchasing an iPhone from an unknown person, there are chances that the device is used in criminal activities. Even after the Factory reset, these devices are vulnerable to track with the help of hidden data in it. Erasing the data using the iMyFone Umate Pro instead of factory reset, relieves you from any further troublesome situations.  

iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser supports the computer systems with the latest OS of Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and MAC 10.9/10.15. It works efficiently on 1GHz processors with RAM 512 MB and can delete any Apple device with iOS 7.0 or above. With intent to erase any of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, do not rely on simple reset to factory settings option but instantly apply the suitable methods with iMyFone Umate Pro.

Read our full iPhone data eraser review here.


You should prefer to reset your iPhone 8 to factory settings during technical faults. Even when there is an issue with the passcode, you can look for ways on how to reset iPhone 8 to factory settings without Passcode. It is vital to take the backup of the crucial data and files because the data and installed apps will be swiped entirely out after factory reset. Apple provides different options to Factory reset the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus, like iTunes or through the settings menu.

But if you are suffering from another concern like forgetting the passcode, which is essential to initiate the process in applying both these methods; take help from iMyFone LockWiper that is capable to Factory reset iPhone 8 without Passcode or iTunes. iMyFone LockWiper is an excellent help in resetting the iPhone while recovering the entire data from the mobile.

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