Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone X

Best Waterproof Case for iPhone X/Xs: OUNNE iPhone X/Xs Waterproof Case
Best iPhone Xs Max Waterproof Case: Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone Xs Max
Best Waterproof iPhone Xr Case: ORDTBY iPhone XR Waterproof Case

More than two years since their respective releases, the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr, remain popular. But, despite their continuing popularity, these phones aren’t perfect. Case in point, they’re perhaps the most breakable iPhones manufactured to date. This is mostly thanks to Apple’s decision to use glass on both the front and the back of the popular smartphone.

With that said, being that they’re quite expensive to buy and perhaps even more expensive to repair, this means that they’re an investment that you’ll want to take good care of.

A good way to do this is to invest in the best iPhone x waterproof case (also suits for iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and/or Xr).

Of course, case preference is a subjective matter. This means that we can’t really tell you what the best waterproof iPhone xs case or best waterproof case for iPhone x is for you. However, we can at least try to give you some options to choose from, taking into account the amount of protection that the case provides, both from falls and water damage, as well as the utility, and design.

Read on below to find out our picks for the best waterproof case for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, X, and/or Xr.

Who Needs a Waterproof iPhone Case?

You may be content with buying the first iPhone case that fancies your eyes. That’s perfectly fine. However, you may want to hold off on your purchase for now and read these reasons why iPhone X waterproof case are worth it first.

Water Resistant Does Not Mean Waterproof

According to Apple, the iPhone XR and iPhone X are both IP67 certified. This means that they can survive for up to 30 minutes in waters as deep as 1.5 meters. Meanwhile, the more expensive iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max boast a higher iP68 certification, which means that they can survive just as long as the iPhone X and iPhone XR can but in deeper water (2 meters vs 1.5 meters).

Apple certainly deserves kudos for ensuring that their phones are built well. However, even though it “can” survive being submerged in water, that doesn’t mean that you should still do it. The fact is, Apple is smart enough NOT to market their phones as water-resistant, let alone waterproof.

What this means is that you’re still liable for whatever happens to your phone. If you drop it in water and it stops working, then you’re in big trouble.

Unless, of course, you bought the iPhone XS waterproof case.

What About the Average iPhone User?

In most cases, the general public shouldn’t need to invest in a waterproof case.

Generally, the added protection from a traditional iPhone case is enough to protect your all-glass smartphone from the occasional bumps, drops, scratches, and splashes. Not to mention, the smartphone itself won’t be so easily damaged by rain and snow. This also includes spilled drinks if that’s not already obvious.

But, here’s the thing, accidents can and will happen. This is especially true if you use your iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr in an environment where there’s a high chance that it will get soaked or submerged in liquid.

When that happens, repairing a water-damaged iPhone can cost you a lot of money. Easily a lot more than what a high-quality waterproof case would have cost you. Then, there’s also the fact that waterproof cases tend to offer better protection from drops and falls compared to a traditional iPhone case.

So, basically, in terms of safety and peace of mind, there’s no reason NOT to buy a best waterproof iPhone X case.

Should Everyone Buy a Waterproof Case for iPhone X?

It isn’t a matter of need as it is a matter of insurance.

As already mentioned, any kind of case can protect your iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and/or Xs. However, if you want to have the peace of mind knowing that your iPhone will survive falling into the bottom of the pool (or even the sink), you’re going to want to invest in a quality iPhone X waterproof case.

How We Picked the Best iPhone X Waterproof Case

Positive Consumer Feedback and Ratings

We made sure to take into consideration the experiences of other users when making our choices.

We skimmed through the thoughts and opinions of a variety of experts in the industry, as well as that of the consumers. This combination of scrutiny from people who use iPhone X waterproof case on a day to day basis, as well as those who review cases for a living, allowed us to gauge the quality of each respective case.


Waterproof cases provide total protection for your smartphone. This can be a problem if it is not designed well. Case in point, some waterproof cases completely cover the buttons or ports, making them inaccessible unless the case is completely removed. In some cases, the chargers won’t fit into the slot anymore, or the button covers make pressing cumbersome.

As such, we made sure that our picks of best waterproof iPhone XR case not only provide total protection but that they also do it with little compromise in accessibility and ease of use.

IP Rating

The IP rating indicates the amount of resistance that a phone has against dust and water. The first digit indicates dust resistance, while the second describes water resistance.

With IP ratings of IP67 (iPhone X, XR) and IP68 (iPhone Xs and Xs Max), the iPhone X series of phones are naturally resistant to water and dust right out of the box. This also means that you’ll want a iPhone X waterproof case that provides further protection than what the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR naturally has. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your money for a case that your phone is already protected from.

Drop Protection

A side benefit of investing in a waterproof case is the added drop protection.

It’s no secret that the glass design of the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr, doesn’t lend itself too well to protection from drops and bumps. This is where having a high-quality iPhone XS Max waterproof case comes in. Because, in addition to protecting it from water, a good waterproof case provides protection from bumps and falls, which is why we made sure that our recommendations are capable of providing excellent drop protection for your smartphone.

Ergonomics, Size, and Weight

It’s important that a iPhone X waterproof case doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone that it makes it hard to hold on to it.

Although the added protection usually comes with added weight and size, we considered just how much size and weight, as well as ergonomics, we’re giving up just to get the level of protection that the case provides. This way, we were able to decide if it was worth it to give up more bulk for more protection.

The Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR: Our Picks in 2020

1. Best Waterproof Case for iPhone X/Xs: OUNNE iPhone X/Xs Waterproof Case

Best Waterproof Case for iPhone X/Xs

As has already been mentioned many times before in this article, Apple made sure that the iPhone X is as dust-resistant and water-resistant as its price range warrants. But, even so, it’s not something that you can simply take with you while you’re out snorkeling or swimming in the beach without risks.

You can minimize that risk (and the hole on your wallet) with this best waterproof iPhone X case.

Featuring a minimalist design and a rubberized grip with a fully-sealed snap-on hard shell that’s designed to exceed Military Standard 810G-516, this iPhone X waterproof case offers full-body protection for your phone from drops as high as 2 meters. But that’s not all. OUNNE also claims that the waterproof case can protect your iPhone X and Xs for 1 hour in waters as deep as 3 meters or 10 feet.

Made out of premium TPU materials, and with a built-in screen protector to boot, the OUNNE iPhone X/Xs waterproof case provides total protection at an affordable price point.

At a Glance:

  • Easy snap-on fully-sealed shell installation with 360-degree full-body protection from dust, dirt, and water, as well as drops up to 2 meters in height
  • Front cover with built-in screen protector
  • Supports wireless charging  

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  • Affordable: Priced lower compared to other more well-known and brand-name alternatives while offering the same kind of water protection
  • Minimalist design: For those looking for added protection without the added flash, this waterproof case takes a minimalist design approach to provide total protection for your smartphone.
  • Certified military-grade protection


  • Lacks colors: This waterproof case is only available in black and translucent colors

2. Best iPhone Xs Max Waterproof Case: Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone Xs Max

Best iPhone Xs Max Waterproof Case

If you ask anyone what they think is the best iPhone Xs Max waterproof case is, chances are, they’ll answer Lifeproof. They might not necessarily recommend a specific product from the well-known company, but that’s just how the manufacturer has built its reputation.

Known for manufacturing high-quality protective cases for smartphones and tablets alike, Lifeproof is the go-to company for waterproof cases.

The FRĒ series waterproof case for the iPhone Xs Max, in particular, is arguably the best.

Available in five different colors, this waterproof case lets users dress their iPhone Xs Max however they can. But this case isn’t just for looks. Although it admittedly does look good, the main selling point of the FRĒ for the iPhone Xs Max is how it’s capable of providing complete protection to your all-glass smartphone.

This includes anything from drops up to two meters, as well as being submerged in waters up to 2 meters for as long as an hour. It also comes with a nearly invisible built-in scratch protector that protects the screen without hampering accessibility.

Backed by a limited 1-year warranty by a company that built its name on the quality of its products, there are few iPhone XS Max waterproof case out there are as good as the FRĒ for the iPhone Xs Max.

At a Glance:

  • Comes with a built-in scratch protector that’s practically invisible to the naked eye and nearly impossible to feel by touch
  • Meets or exceeds IP68 certification, with 360-degree protection and proofing from snow, ice, dust, and dirt and can last for up to 1 hour when fully submerged in waters as deep as 2 meters
  • Meets or exceeds MIL-STD 810F-516 certification for drops from up to 2 meters in height

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  • Warranty: The FRĒ is backed by the LifeProof limited 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight: At just 46 grams, this waterproof case adds minimal weight to the iPhone Xs Max, which weighs at 208 grams
  • Everything-proof: The FRĒ is certified to be waterproof, drop-proof, dirtproof, and snowproof.
  • Color variety: Comes in five different colors so you’re not stuck with just the plain black or translucent designs that are usually available from other brands


  • Expensive: Compared to the other products on our list, the FRĒ costs significantly more.

3. Best Waterproof iPhone XR Case: ORDTBY iPhone XR Waterproof Case

Best Waterproof iPhone XR Case

If you’re looking for a best waterproof iPhone XR case that lets you show off the sleek design of your smartphone without compromising full-body coverage and protection, then look no further than the ORDTBY iPhone XR Waterproof case.

Featuring a clear front and back panel, the ORDTBY waterproof case is IP68 rated. The silicone and engineered plastic materials help guarantee that it is built to survive anything. This includes a military-level kind of protection from drops to the floor and being submerged in water. It also comes with a built-in screen protector that allows you to operate your phone with ease even when underwater or in the shower.

To help compensate for the lack of a rubberized grip, the ORDTBY waterproof case comes with a wrist wrap.

With support for wireless charging, as well as bumped corners (available in clear and black) and backed by a 12-month warranty, the ORDTBY case is easily the best waterproof iPhone Xr case around.

At a Glance:

  • Full-body waterproof case with built-in screen protector for protection from drops of up to 2 meters and water depths of 2 meters for 30 minutes
  • Lightweight flexible silicone and engineered plastic material provide excellent grip and feel without compromising protection
  • Support for wireless charging
  • Backed by a 12-month warranty

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  • Lightweight: Weighing just roughly 42 grams, the ORDBTY is arguably the lightest waterproof case on our list
  • Added drop protection: Bumped corners provide added protection from falls and bumps
  • Support for wireless charging


  • Waterproofing: Waterproofing is not as extensive (only 30 minutes for depths of up to 2 meters) compared to other waterproofing cases that are only marginally more expensive.

4. The Most Affordable iPhone X/Xs Waterproof Case: Redpepper Protective Clear Cover with Built-in Screen Protector

The Most Affordable iPhone X/Xs Waterproof Case

Someone tell Redpepper that there is such a thing as “you get what you pay for”.

Designed with the kind of precision that you normally would only expect from more expensive and well-known offerings, the Redpepper iPhone X/Xs waterproof case provides easy access to all the ports, buttons, and functions of the smartphone. More importantly, it does it without sacrificing protection as it boasts an IP68 certification, which Redpepper claims have been tested at 2 meters underwater for 30 minutes.

In addition to waterproofing, the Redpepper iPhone X/iPhone XS waterproof case is also dust-proof, moisture-proof, and snow-proof. It’s also shock-proof, with specifications that either meet or exceed the Military Standard, 810G-516. This means that it can survive falls from heights of up to 2 meters with no scratch.

Speaking of scratching, the Redpepper waterproof case also comes with a built-in screen protector that doesn’t hinder clarity while also preventing scratches from getting on your phone.

Backed by a similar 12-month warranty offered by more expensive products and with support for wireless charging, this isn’t just the most affordable iPhone X/Xs waterproof case, this might just be one of the best out there.

At a glance:

  • IP68 certified waterproof design that protects against snow, moisture, and dust, as well as waters of up to 2 meters in depth for as long as 30 minutes
  • Shockproof design that helps it provide 360-degree protection that meets if not exceeds Military Standard 810G-516 for protection from drops up to 2 meters
  • Built-in screen for added clarity and protection from scratches
  • Wireless charging support

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  • Excellent value: This waterproof case undercuts the majority of its competition by at least half the price, making it one of the most affordable waterproof cases available today.
  • Sound quality: Unlike other waterproof cases whose designs negatively affect sound quality unless taken off, this waterproof case uses a unique design that does not affect audio.
  • Lightweight: At just 1.76 ounces, this waterproof case is one of the lightest waterproof cases available today.


  • Unknown brand: Redpepper is not a known brand. This means that you’ll be taking some risks buying this little-known waterproof case.

5. The Most Affordable iPhone Xs Max Waterproof Case: OUNNE iPhone Xs Max Waterproof Case

The Most Affordable iPhone Xs Max Waterproof Case

Some products just can’t help offer an excellent value proposition.

A good example of this is the OUNNE iPhone Xs Max waterproof case.

At its price point, you wouldn’t expect it to be the best iPhone Xs Max waterproof case. However, it makes a strong case for it.

Complete with certified waterproofing that lets it last for up to 1 hour when submerged in 2 meters of water, the OUNNE waterproof case also uses a top-level TPU material to provide top-quality protection for your phone from heights of up to 2 meters. At the same time, the sealed design means that neither dust, dirt, nor snow, will seep into your phone and cause damage.

Designed with accessibility in mind, you won’t have any trouble using your iPhone Xs Max with this waterproof cover. You’ll have easy access to everything. This includes ports and buttons, and so much more.

Topped off with a touch-sensitive built-in screen cover, the iPhone Xs Max waterproof case provides elite levels of protection to your smartphone, all at a bargain price.

At a glance:

  • IP68 waterproof certification, certified for depths up to 2 meters for up to 1 hour.
  • Top-level TPU material for complete and total protection from heights of up to 2 meters, as well as dust, dirt, and snow.
  • Clear and touch-sensitive built-in screen protector for added protection.

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  • Value: Priced less than half than the majority of its competition, the OUNNE waterproof case provides excellent value.
  • Modern Design: Available with a “Full Black” back cover and a “Clear” back cover, the OUNNE waterproof case features a modern design that allows you to either show off the front and back of your iPhone or the design of the case itself.
  • Camera Protection: The OUNNE waterproof case comes with a protective film for the back camera that effectively protects it from fall damage without sacrificing its ability to take clear photos.  


  • Heavy: Weighing roughly 114 grams (4 ounces), the OUNNE waterproof case weighs more than half as much as the iPhone Xs Max itself.

6. The Most Affordable iPhone XR Waterproof Case: SYDIXON iPhone XR Waterproof Case

The Most Affordable iPhone XR Waterproof Case

Waterproof and designed to meet Military Standard 810G-516, the SYDIXION iPhone XR Waterproof Case is the best iPhone XR case that most of you have probably never heard of until now.

The SYDIXON gets all of the basics of protection right. This includes protection from water for up to 2 meters for as long as 20 minutes. It’s also shockproof, capable of providing your phone protection from heights of as high as 2 meters. Not to mention, this best waterproof iPhone XR case is plenty capable of putting a stop to any and all dust and dirt from getting inside your smartphone.

Equipped with a built-in screen protector for maximum scratch protection and cut precisely for easy access to any and all features of the iPhone XR, this waterproof case is the perfect choice for those who went with the more affordable iPhone and don’t want to splurge on protecting it.

So long as you’re okay with the added bulk and weight that this waterproof case adds to your iPhone XR, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

At a glance:

  • IP68 standard waterproof certified submersible in waters up to 2 meters deep for 20 minutes.
  • Meets Military Standard 810G-516 for optimal full-body protection from falls up to 2 meters in height, as well as dust, dirt, and grime.
  • Touch-sensitive built-in screen protector for scratch protection.
  • Wireless charging support.

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  • Slim and Sleek: Despite its weight, the SYDIXON waterproof case is surprisingly slim. This means that, aside from the added heft, you won’t really feel how much weight it adds to your iPhone XR.
  • Affordable: While you won’t want to cheap out on protecting your iPhone XR, the SYDIXON presents itself as an excellent compromise for people who don’t or can’t afford much but still want full-body protection for their phones.


  • Unknown Brand: There’s always an inherent risk that comes when buying a product from an unknown brand. Although the SYDIXON waterproof case is well-rated, the possibility still exists that it might not be as good nor subject to the same standards as cases from other more well-known brands.
  • Heavy: This waterproof case weighs roughly 114 grams (4 ounces). This puts it at well above half the weight of the iPhone XR.

7. Best Waterproof Phone Case Dry Bag for iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max/Xr: Procase Universal Waterproof Case

Best Waterproof Phone Case Dry Bag for iPhone X

Although the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR, all come with excellent IP ratings, they’re not necessarily waterproof. But, even though waterproof cases solve this problem, we understand that they’re not for everybody. In such cases, a waterproof dry bag for iPhone X like the Procase Universal Waterproof Case provides that much-needed waterproofing, as well as protection from snow, mud, and rain, all at the fraction of the cost.

What makes the Procase Dry Bag Pouch an excellent choice is that it comes in 2’s per pack and is available in different colors. They’re also relatively cheap. This allows you to stock up for literally the rainy days and for your family without spending a lot of money.

What’s even better is that this particular dry bag measures at a reasonably large 6.9 inches. This means that it can fit most smartphones, as well as smaller tablets. Also, unlike other dry bags, the innovative design featured on the case’s side allows you to use the side buttons and even access the phone.

The best part is that this dry bag features an IPX8 waterproof certification for up to 100 feet.

If you prefer the slimmer and more traditional iPhone cases, this dry best is the best way to maintain the full touch screen functionality of your iPhone in less-than-ideal conditions without compromising its safety.

At a glance:

  • 6.9-inch diagonal size means that you can fit anything from your iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR inside, as well as your credit cards, wallet, money, keys, and more inside.
  • Unique design allows for easy access to the side buttons while maintaining clarity and functionality on both the back and the front.
  • IPX8 certified waterproof for up to 100 feet.
  • It comes with a neck strap and uses convenient snap-and-lock access.

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  • Spacious: Measuring a little bit more than six inches diagonally, you can fit a lot more than just your iPhone inside the Procase Universal Waterproof case. There’s plenty of room inside for your slim wallet, cash, keys, and credit cards.
  • Accessible: For taking photos underwater or checking emails in the rain, the clear window on the back and front, as well as unique design on the sides, allows you to access your phone and the side buttons regardless of the weather conditions.
  • IPX8 Protection: The Procase can be submerged up to 100 feet for as long as 30 minutes.


  • Questionable Quality: While the consensus on the overall quality of the Procase is good, numerous users have pointed out that the locking mechanism doesn’t feel like it’s going to last long.


Still haven’t decided yet? Don’t worry. It’s not a race. Not to mention, you can rest easy knowing that our recommendations all come from trusted brands and/or have excellent track records. This means that we didn’t just recommend them just for the sake of it — we did so only after doing extensive research.

With that said, we’re confident in saying that these are the best waterproof cases for the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR available in 2020.

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