Best RAR/WinRAR Password Remover

Best Choice: iSunshare RAR Password Genius $19.95+
Runner-up: PassFab for RAR $15.95+
Also Great: Spower Password Recovery Tools $27.95+

Compression and archive utilities are essential nowadays, as compression of files are important to save storage capacity and for transferring files quickly either it is online or from a device to another. The compression of files work by optimizing the number of bits, in other words decreasing the file size by removing the duplicate, redundant or repeating parts to make it optimized and secure. As we know that all the business files and documents are in the form of pdf, Word or Excel sheets, which contains important information. To compress and secure these personal files, you may require it lock it as a RAR file because it is safe to keep your files protected from an unauthorized user. But what if you forget your compressed RAR file password or the RAR file you downloaded from the internet is a password protected, then you have to have a reliable and effective RAR file password remover.

What is a RAR password Remover and Who Should Get It?

RAR password remover is a software tool that is available online, and also can be downloaded and installed on your computers. It is a RAR password recovery tool that can recover and remove the documents files that are password protected and locked by users or if you have forgotten/lost its password. The RAR password remover is developed with GUI for the users who can use it to select from the several types of methods provided in the tool. These methods are actually the attack type from which you want to use to unlock the password protected RAR file. Some of the commonly used methods to unlock the files are Brute-Force Attack and Dictionary attack, but there are other attack methods that you’ll know are there for easy password removing. So if you forgot password for your RAR file or downloaded any protected RAR file from online then RAR password remover is for you.

How We Choose the Best RAR Password Remover

We know remembering different passwords for multiple files can be difficult to remember especially when you’re opening it after a long time but when it comes to selecting the best RAR password remover program you might be searching it for it online and may have come across several tools claiming that they are the best free RAR password recovery tool. After getting bamboozled by the amount of RAR recovery tools available online only waiting for your attention but not getting the job done, we have evaluated some of the RAR recovery tools available online either paid, free or online for you and have selected the best out of each so you can utilize them for your best possible RAR file recovery. Here are some important aspects that one should consider while choosing the best RAR file recovery program.

The Quick Password Recovery Rate

There are dozens of RAR password remover tools available online we believe that not all of them are made equally. But not all of them guarantees 100% password remove rate. So while choosing the best RAR file password recovery tool, one must take care if the software has the 100% and fast password recovery rate.

Multiple Recovery Methods

Apart from the fast and password recovery rate, one should preserve if the RAR recovery tool provides different recovery methods. These recovery methods are the attack types that are available to perform a quick and efficient password recovery. It allows the user to select a most preferable attack type from the options in order to remove password in less time. So one should take note of recovery methods a tool provides in their recovery/remover tool.

User-Friendly Interface

Software should be made which are easy to use and does not require much computer technique as we believe that not all of the user out there are tech-savvy. So in order to make things easy for the users so that they can process the tool easily, we consider a tool which has a comprehensive and user-friendly graphical interface and least steps to recover the password. So one should consider a tool that has user-friendly GUI.

Affordable RAR password remover

RAR file password recovery tools are available online in paid, free and online versions. The free version is limited to some set of features and doesn’t provide full access to methods of recovery and are even limited to use characters for password recovering. Whereas the paid version is the one that is most preferable because they provide full features with access to all recovery methods in software.

Secure, Professional and Free Technical Support

User privacy is important so, when it comes to selecting a third-party software program/tool user are afraid if the software will get their computer infected with viruses. Well, some tools guarantee its user that they are 100% clean from malware and other viruses but who knows they might be phishing. Whilst considering a safe tool for your RAR password recovery, it will be well known by the number of user ratings and if the software provides the free technical support to its user. So it is essential to check these things before considering a recovery tool.

The Winner: Best RAR Password Remover

iSunshare RAR Password Genius

isunshare rar password genius

iSunshare RAR password Genius is the best RAR/WinRAR password recovery tool available online. It is a small but powerful password recovery tool that can be utilized by users to recover forgotten or lost passwords of their RAR archives created with WinRAR or other RAR compressing software programs. The software provides a comprehensive GUI to its users from where they can use the recovery methods for the password recovery no matter how complex the password is, they can recover it in no time. With RAR password Genius the password recovery done in three easy steps. Just import the password protected file, then select the right recovery attack and then click the start to unlock your RAR file within seconds.

Get iSunshare RAR Password Genius

The iSunshare RAR password Genius provides two different editions which include a Standard version ($19.95) that helps to recover RAR/WinRAR passwords of archive files only on a single computer/device but it will provide the user with four recovery type methods (attack type) and supports the .rar file extension. Professional version ($29.95) that helps to recover all RAR files on the multiple devices that are running on the same LAN (local area network) while providing with the fast Brute-Force recovery method along with the other enabled recovery types (attack type). The RAR password Genius also allows the user to use their trial version which is free to use but it is limited to 3 and fewer characters for unlocking a protected RAR file.

The iSunshare RAR password Genius is secure, clean and guarantees 100% recovery rate. It can be downloaded and installed on the Windows versions that include Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 and can be supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors.

Advantages and Features:

Here are some advantages that iSunshare has over other paid Windows Password Recovery tools.

  • Comprehensive and user-friendly user interface.
  • Works fast and efficiently on every Windows version.
  • Provides all necessary attack methods
  • Provides Free trial version.
  • Guarantees 100% secure and fast RAR password recovery rate
  • No data loss in RAR files
  • Can run on Multiple devices
  • Optimization for multi-processor systems to increase the recovery rate
  • Free 24/7 support and query answered timely by email.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

Competition and Comparison

Below are some of the RAR password recovery tools that we have compared and evaluated for you so you will know why iSunshare was best from others.

PassFab for RAR

passfab for rar

PassFab for RAR is a RAR file remover tool which can recover your lost/forgotten passwords from encrypted RAR files. Unfortunately, PassFab only provides 3 attack type modes which are limited for quick password recovery. The PassFab for RAR provides its users with 4 packages which range from ($16-50) and can become hefty on the pocket.

Get PassFab for RAR

Spower Password Recovery Tools

spower password recovery tools

Spower Password Recovery Tools is an all in one password recovery software that is available online and is designed to recover passwords for Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, RAR, ZIP, pdf, etc. This software helps to recover forgotten/lost passwords but provides three editions which include Professional version ($27.95), Ultimate version ($37.95) and Special version ($67.95). This tool can be heavy on your pocket if you only require a tool that can recover RAR passwords for less amount.

Get Spower Password Recovery Tools

Vodusoft RAR password recovery

vodusoft rar password recovery

Vodusoft RAR password recovery is a recovery tool that can remove or recover lost/forgotten RAR files protection. It provides its users with only three recovery methods which include, Brute-force, dictionary and Mask attacks, which again limited set of attacks. The Vodusoft RAR password recovery tool is available in only one edition which is available for $17.95.

RAR Password Unlocker

rar password unlocker

RAR password unlocker is a recovery tool that can remove or recover user’s lost/forgotten RAR archives with .rar extension. It provides its user with three recovery methods type which includes Brute-force, dictionary and mask attack. The RAR password allows you to use a free trial version before purchasing it. The RAR password unlocker is available in only one package with comes with download protection and costs ($19.95) which can be hefty on the pocket.

Atomic RAR password recovery

atomic rar password recovery

Atomic RAR password recovery is a RAR password recovery tool that is used to restore, remove or recover lost/forgotten RAR files password. This software is specially designed to restore passwords for WinRAR archives. The only issue with the software is that the password cannot be recovered immediately as it requires special resources. This type of software is only best for a password that is less than 5 characters. The Atomic RAR password recovery allows the user to use only brute-force recovery method type to search for password.

KRyLack RAR password recovery

krylack rar password recovery

KRyLack RAR password recovery is a recovery tool which is used to recover and restore the lost/forgotten user passwords of RAR files. It provides its user to recover password with the help of three recovery methods which are, brute-force, mask, and dictionary attack. The software only has one package with versions of 3.x, 4.x along with ZIP and ACE archives and available for ($19.95).

Top password RAR password recovery

top password rar password recovery

Top password RAR password recovery is a tool that can be used to unlock the lost/forgotten passwords for all RAR files. It provides its user with only three recovery type methods, which includes, brute-force, mask and dictionary attack. The software only has one package which costs ($19.95) and can be hefty on the pocket.

Intelore RAR Password Recovery

intelore rar password recovery

Intelore password recovery is a recovery tool which is used to recover and restore the lost/forgotten user passwords of RAR files. It provides its user to recover password with the help of three recovery methods which are, Brute-force, Booost-Up and dictionary attack. The software only has one package with versions of 2.x, 3.x archives and available for ($29.95) which can be hefty on the pocket.

Appnimi RAR password unlocker

appnimi rar password unlocker

Appnimi RAR password unlocker is a free RAR password remover tool that can recover and remove the lost/forgotten password on your RAR files. The software provides its user to search for a password using the brute-force and dictionary attack which is not enough if you want a quick password recovery for your RAR file. However, the software is easy to use and you can even start, pause, stop or resume the recovery process.

Best Free RAR Password Remover

After discussing some RAR password remover’s options available, now it is the time to show you the best Free RAR password recovery options that are available online and to show you why cRARk is the right pick if you want a free RAR password recovery tool.



cRARk is a free open source RAR file recovering tool that is available for its users online. The software is able to recover lost/forgotten passwords on RAR archives. This software program is the only free RAR password recovery tool that can recover RAR/WinRAR versions of 2.x-5.x and up to 5.0 are supported. The cRARk password recovery tool only recovers the unknown password that is no longer than 6-7 characters but can work for more than 6-7 symbols if you have a hint of the lost password.

The cRARk password recovery tool has a Command line interface and has no GUI, so users have to type in commands in order to crack the password on their RAR file. cRARk can be used in all Windows version using the 32/64 bit processors and can also be used for Linux and Mac OS.

Advantages and Features:

Here are some advantages that cRARk has over other free RAR Password Recovery tools.

  • It is free to use.
  • Supports the latest RAR version i.e 5.0
  • Fast and 100% recovery rate
  • It supports GPU password recovery for NVIDIA
  • It provides self-extracting, multi-volume and encrypted header archives support.
  • It provides extremely efficient recovery if the user remembers any hint regarding the lost password.
  • Can be used on multiple Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Best RAR Password Remover Online

After discussing the best free RAR password remover, now we will show you the best RAR password remover Online and why these are the right pick if you want a RAR password recovery tool.



If you don’t like downloading any third-party app on your computer due to potential risks of getting viruses and malware than it is alright. We have another solution for you from which you can unlock your password protected RAR files from the online password recovery website. Yes, LostMyPass is an online password recovery website which can recover your lost/forgotten RAR file password. LostMyPass uses its cloud server to recover your RAR password. They have almost 3 million most popular passwords database and has a success rate of about 22% in all cases. With that recovery rate it might be difficult to recover your password but why not give it a try if recovery they provide is completely free.

LostMyPass also comes with a paid version option, where they have 20+ billion passwords check on clouds database. This process may take up to 24 hours because searching through large database takes more time but it also depends on file version and computing cluster workload. In this case, all the user’s chances to recover the password goes from 22% to 61%.

LostMyPass simply allows to drag and drop the password-protected file on the website to upload it on their cloud database. The website provides three packages, first is a weak password recovery free version having 22% success probability, second is Strong password recovery which $39 and has a 61% success probability, and the last is Brute Force with a mask which has 100% success probability but price is told upon password recovery time and complexity.

RAR Password Recovery Online

rar password online

RAR Password Recovery Online is a website which can an all in one recovery and restores passwords and can be used to recover RAR files password. There are umpteen amount of software programs available on the internet that can recover password but may take too much time. With RAR password recovery online you can decrease the recovery time estimate for recovering your RAR file because it is the only website that uses all the recovery types available to unlock the password.

RAR password recovery online will provide proof in for of a picture from the part of the document after the decryption process and keeps the original format as well. The website uses its cloud-based server and as well as other recovery methods which includes, instant password recovery online which is free and used for weak passwords, Password reset method which is used to delete the password from file directly, Brute-force attack, dictionary attack, variation in password in which user provides a hint of the password, and plain text password attack in which user provides the plain text for the password decryption. So if you don’t want any third party apps, you can definitely try this website to unlock the RAR password.


That’s it, we have discussed the best RAR password remover including free, paid and online versions. Hope you can choose the best available RAR Password Recovery tool whether it is for a device or for using it online.