Best Mac Cleaner Software

Best Choice: CleanMyMac macOS, $39.95+
Runner-up: Drive Genius macOS, $79+
Also Great: iMobie MacClean 3 macOS, $19.99+

Are you having problems with the performance of your Mac machine? Would you like to get rid of clutter and free up space on your hard drive?

In that case, you need the best Mac cleaner out there. It is not easy to pick a tool that fits your needs, which is why we offer detailed cleaning software reviews. Check out how we tested the software and take a look at our favorites!

Quick Summary

Our expert searched the market up and down and looked for the best solutions for cleaning Mac machines. Take a look at how we picked the software to include in our Mac cleaner review article below.

  • CleanMyMac is our favorite tool. It has a wide range of features ranging from removing junk, managing files, optimizing system performance, and protecting you from spying eyes. The app is available as a free trial, but a premium edition ensures you can use its full potential. The interface is user-friendly, and the tool is powerful enough to meet the needs of both amateurs and professionals.
  • Another great alternative is Drive Genius, developed by ProSoft Engineering. Apart from offering to manage your files and hard drives, you can also benefit from Malware scanning and real-time monitoring included in the DrivePulse module.
  • iMobie MacClean 3 is a simple and convenient tool with multiple powerful features. The program includes Cleanup and Utility functions and can help you to remove unwanted files and malicious cookies. It can increase free space on your drive while improving your privacy.

What Is Mac Cleaner?

The main purpose of a Mac cleaner is to help you get rid of unnecessary files and increase free space on your machine. By eliminating clutter, you can also improve the performance of your system and ensure you are free of malicious files that could harm your privacy.

The best Mac cleaning software will perform reliably and quickly. It can help you manage files, look for duplicates and large items, and free up unnecessary space swiftly. You can also expect additional optimization features, such as uninstalling unwanted apps, repartitioning, etc.

The exact functions available vary from one software to another. That is why you should choose carefully and pick a tool that meets your expectations.

Who Should (Or Should Not) Get a Mac Cleaner?

Any macOS user can benefit from the best Mac cleaning software that suits their needs. If you are an amateur using a home computer, you can erase unnecessary files and increase free space easily. These tools can also protect you from malware and spying eyes by removing malicious cookies and other privacy issues.

If you are a professional user, Mac cleaning software allows you to maintain multiple systems effortlessly. It can be an excellent way to improve productivity within a company, and these tools are also very useful for technicians.

How We Test the Best Mac Cleaner?

We carefully tested all software solutions in our Mac cleaner review. While we were testing, these are the factors we considered:

  • Disk management – the primary feature of Mac cleaner is managing your hard drives. Depending on the features, you can browse the hard drives, look for duplicates and oversized files, delete junk, etc.
  • Privacy features – a malware removal feature can help to delete any dangerous filed from your system. Additionally, you can also remove malicious cookies and even traces of your activity on the machine.
  • Application management – you can delete unwanted apps easily, as well as update apps, or reset them to their default state.
  • Reliability – the variety of functions vary, but whatever features the tool has, it should perform them reliably. A dependable Mac cleaning tool will execute all functions swiftly and with a 100% success rate.
  • Easy to use interface – the graphics should be attractive, and the entire interface should be user-friendly. That way, the developer can maximize user experience and the functionality of their cleaning tool.
  • Free or paid – you can find free Mac cleaner software, as well as premium variations. The general rule is that free versions offer limited functionality, and paid programs are the way to maximize the potential of the tool.

The Winners

Best Choice: CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac is a comprehensive all-around tool for managing your Mac operating system. The extensive selection of features is what makes this the best Mac cleaning software out there.

MacPaw is the company behind the tool, and they have been developing it for years. The app is available in both free and paid variants. However, the free trial version has many limitations, such as how many junk files you can delete.

CleanMyMac X is the latest app version, and it is available as a one-time purchase or through a yearly subscription.

Here are the details of the pricing plans:

  • A single machine – a 12-month subscription will cost you $39.95, and a one-time purchase $89.95.
  • Two machines – the price for a yearly subscription is $59.95, and buying a lifetime license will cost you $134.95
  • Five machines – a 12-month license costs $89.95, and a one-time purchase has a price of $199.95.

The full version of CleanMyMac Coffers an incredible range of features. Apart from cleaning your Mac, you can also improve your device’s protection and privacy, enhance its speed, and manage files and applications.

Get CleanMyMac X

Does CleanMyMac Really Work?

Once you start CleanMyMac, you will notice the following welcome screen:

CleanMyMac Welcome Screen

The user interface is easy to use, and you can access all commands from the main screen. If you want, you can run a thorough scan of your system immediately. Alternatively, you can focus on one of the crucial sections on the left.


The range of cleanup features covers:

  • System Junk
  • Photo Junk
  • Mail Attachments
  • iTunes Junk
  • Trash Bins

Start by picking out the desired subsection from the left-side menu. If you pick System Junk, here is how the screen will look like:

CleanMyMac System Junk Removal

CleanMyMac X will now show what you can expect from the tool. The process is similar, regardless of which function you select. Start by clicking the “Scan” button at the bottom.

Once the app analyzes the system, it will show the files that you can delete. It is necessary to confirm which files you want to erase and hit “Clean.” The tool will then delete all the selected files. The double-checking is a convenient feature since it ensures that you don’t erase any files you might need.


CleanMyMac includes two important protection options:

  • Malware Removal
  • Privacy Improvement

When it comes to malware removal, you will have around the clock protection at your disposal. It will, however, require to keep the product active.

At the Malware Removal screen, you can see the last time you scanned the system and updated the malware database.

CleanMyMac Malware Removal Function

It is helpful to run scans at least once a week, and update the database when prompted. That is the best way to maximize the protection of your system.

As for the privacy section, you can erase traces of your system use, such as Recent Items, Skype chats, Wi-Fi connections last visited tabs in the browsing history, etc.


Improving the performance of your system relies on two sections:

  • Optimization
  • Maintenance

Optimization will show you apps using a lot of RAM, as well as those running improperly for any reason. From the maintenance screen, you can remove application errors, enhance search and drive performances, and so on.

CleanMyMac Maintenance Module

The tool can also run maintenance scripts, which are essential to keep your machine working smoothly.


Managing your applications is another way to clean up your Mac and improve its performance. CleanMyMac features three modules in this section:

  • Uninstaller
  • Updater
  • Extensions

We liked the Uninstaller since it allows you to reset the app to default, as well as delete them.

CleanMyMac Uninstaller Utility

The tool will show you which apps you haven’t used lately (the last six months), as well as programs that you can’t use in the current macOS version. That will make it easier to choose the app you want to erase.

If there is an update available, you can use the Updater screen to get their latest versions. The Extensions module allows you to manage preference panes, Spotlight plugins, and Safari extensions.


The final section Is in charge of managing files. That means more than deleting junk files since this component focuses on old and large files you don’t use anymore.

The modules available are:

  • Space Lens
  • Large & Old Files
  • Shredder

Space Lens is one of the latest modules added to CleanMyMac. It scans your system and allows you to see the files located there.

CleanMyMac Space Lens Option

After scanning, you can check out the available folders and how much space they take. From there, you can view the files and delete any that you don’t need.

As for other modules, Large & Old Files will show those bigger than 50MB, or files not used in a while. The Shredder allows you to delete the files and remove them from the system securely. Learn more from our CleanMyMac X review here.

Runner-up: Drive Genius

Another great candidate for the best Mac cleaner is Drive Genius. The company that developed the software is ProSoft Engineering.

Drive Genius Real-Time DrivePulse Monitoring

The latest version of the tool is Drive Genius 5, and it offers a wide range of features:

  • DrivePulse – it offers real-time system monitoring and looks for hardware problems, folder and file corruption, and other issues.
  • Protection – the product has eight protection features ranging from consistency check and error repair to rebuilding data like lost file names, etc. The advanced features include BootWell, which is a startup drive made to maintain your main drive, as well as a detailed Malware Scan
  • Cleanup – eight features are available for cleaning up your Mac. You can identify duplicates and large files and delete them securely. Repartition and Initialize models allow you to manage partitions and drives, and you can even set custom icons to folders and drives.
  • Speed – apart from measuring the system’s performance, you can also use the Defragment module.

After you install the tool, you will see a welcome screen. In the menu on the left, you can notice the available submenus. Go ahead and pick the desired hard drive to see the available modules for it.

Drive Genius Hard Drive Utilities

Picking a specific module is simple in Drive Genius 5. All that you need to do is to choose the desired function. If you want to run a Malware scan, pick the option from the main menu, and open the following screen:

Drive Genius Malware Scan

The user-friendly interface will guide you through each process. The software is easy to use, and it has pleasant graphics. Thanks to that, you will enjoy using Drive Genius 5 and how it can help to maintain your system.

Drive Genius 5 is available as a free demo, and you can also purchase Standard and Professional program editions.

Also Great: iMobie MacClean

iMobie specializes in designing cleaning solutions, and MacClean is their candidate for the best app to clean Mac.

After downloading the iMobie MacClean, you will encounter this welcome screen:

iMobie Mac Clean 3 Main Screen

You will find the Cleanup modules at the top of the left-hand screen, and the Utility functions are at the bottom.

Here is an overview of everything that you can do with iMobie MacClean 3, which is the latest version of the tool:

  • System and internet junk – it supports deleting junk files from all the popular browsers, as well as deleting development, OS X, and user junk, and app leftover.
  • Malicious cookies and privacy issues – whether you want to remove recent app usage, or delete malicious cookies from Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari, this tool makes it possible.
  • Cleanup tools – the options range from erasing duplicates to large and old files, as well as uninstalling apps.
  • Optimization tools – you can backup iTunes, clean your trash bins, manage extensions, photos, etc.
  • Quarantine – a special module that allows managing infected files.

We tested the Internet Junk feature. After selecting it from the left-side menu, we started the scanning process.

iMobie MacClean 3 Internet Junk Removal

The results allow you to review the details of all the files that are planned for cleaning. You will also get useful information, like how much space you will save, etc. Once you check everything, click on “Clean” to finalize the process.

You can test the free trial of the software, but the full version is required to access all features after the free trial. The pricing plans of IMobie MacClean vary depending on your needs. You can buy a yearly subscription, select a one-time purchase for a personal license, as well as pick the Family option for five Mac machines.

Competition and Comparison

CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Mac Main Screen

CCleaner for Mac is the version of the famous tool for Mac devices. It offers a simple user-interface and allows you to free up space on your hard drive by deleting unnecessary files, including identifying duplicates.

You can also accelerate your Mac machine by identifying the apps taking too much RAM, and deleting the files you don’t need. CCleaner Professional also offers real-time protection and allows you to remove malicious cookies, internet and download history, and all traces of your activity.

Mac Booster

MacBooster 8 Turbo Boost Module

MacBooster 8 is the latest version of the tool, and it is available in the free trial and premium versions. The paid edition has a wide range of features, including removing system junk, scanning for malware and viruses, and boosting your device.

The Turbo Boost module is a fine addition as it optimizes hard drives and permissions to ensure your Mac performs properly. You can also detect and remove duplicates, large, and old files, as well as edit startup programs, and uninstall apps easily. Overall, MacBooster 8 is a useful tool with many features and attractive graphics.

Mac Washing Machine

Mac Washing Machine Reclaim Function

Apart from the unusual name for the software, Mac Washing Machine developers also got creative with module names. Instead of “cleaning” your Mac, you will “reclaim” hard drive space by deleting unnecessary files.

Intego designed a tool that you can trust as it performs all actions swiftly. Apart from cleaning unwanted files, you can also look for duplicates and organize your hard drive. While it is not the most versatile tool out there, it is convenient and easy to use.


DaisyDisk App for Mac

DaisyDisk app is a neat little app that allows you to view folders and files of your drive as a visual map. The program starts by allowing you to check the drive or folder you want to scan. After scanning it, you can see a visual map of your space, including large, hidden, and other files divided into categories.

It is easy to point to the files you want to erase and delete them. Please note that the version you download from the official Apple store is a bit different compared to the original. DaisyDisk app is convenient and easy to use, but it doesn’t have as many features as some other cleaning software solutions.

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor for Mac

FipLab is the company that designed the Disk Doctor for Mac. It is a simple tool that you can get from the Apple store at an affordable price.

Think of the Disk Doctor as a cleaning utility rather than a comprehensive software solution. Once you install it on your device, it will analyze the system. The app looks for application caches and logs, browser data, large files, developer leftovers, as well as downloads and software updates you might not need. You can choose which files to delete, and it only takes seconds for the tool to finalize the process.

Free Alternatives

App Cleaner

App Cleaner Mac Cleaning Software

App Cleaner is a tool that focuses on a single thing – uninstalling apps thoroughly. Apart from ensuring your app is uninstalled, the tool will look for any unnecessary files on the system related to that app. It is an excellent way to keep your hard drive free from unwanted files coming from uninstalled apps.

This free Mac cleaner software is easy to use and user-friendly. Although it limits itself to apps, it is very convenient and can come in handy to both amateur and professional users.


OnyX Mac Cleaning Software

OnyX was designed by Titanium Software, and the French company did an amazing job with this tool. Since it is loaded with various features, it might be the best free Mac cleaner on the market.

Using OnyX is simple. You have the available submenus at the top, and choosing any of them lists the utilities in the selected section. For example, Maintenance includes verifying, rebuilding, and cleaning files. You can pick the desired actions, but make sure to be patient while the software completes the process.


Have you already found the best cleaner for Mac? You have a wide range of solutions on the market, which is why we selected top-rated tools to make your choice easier.

It is important to choose a reliable tool that is reasonably fast and can perform a wide range of actions. But ultimately, it all comes down to your preference. As long as the tool has the features you need, don’t hesitate to give it a shot!

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