Best iPhone Passcode Unlock Software

Best Choice: iMyFone LockWiper Windows/macOS, $39.95+
Runner-up: Tenorshare 4uKey Windows/macOS, $35.95+
Also Great: dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) Windows/macOS, $59.95+

Password protection is the basic need of every phone and we all face different situations every day so forgetting a password is very common. In this article, we will discuss some iPhone passcode unlock software which will help you to come out from “iPhone forgot password problem”.

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What You Need to Know About iPhone Passcode Unlock Software

Forgetting a password is not a big deal, in everyday work burdens or sometimes having a too big or complicated password can cause a forgot password problem so if you are looking for how to unlock iPhone passcode? Don’t worry about it, there are too many tools or software available for this but that’s not guaranteed rather they work or not, so in this article, we will discuss some of the best iPhone passcode unlock software.

Except this, you would be surprised that people also look for iPhone passcode hack software. The reason can be anything, maybe to watch your children activities or maybe for any other purpose. Interesting thing is that one of the most trending searches on Google is how to bypass iPhone passcode, so we will also discuss iPhone passcode bypass software.

A passcode to your iPhone serves as a strong line of defense which protects your important data from being compromised by any unauthentic person but if you forgot your passcode either you can restore your iPhone to its factory setting or use iPhone passcode unlock software. We will go through those software step by step which will elaborate on how does iPhone unlock software work.

iPhone Passcode vs. iTunes Backup Password

People might confuse with the difference between iPhone passcode and iTunes backup password, so please keep in mind there is a big difference between them.

iPhone passcode is your screen lock which unlocks your device so that you can use it and protect your device from other’s so that they can not misuse it.

whether iTunes backup password is used to protect your important and private data in iTunes, we know a mobile phone is a sensitive electronic device and it can be crashed or broken anytime with a single piece of mistake or by chance, so never trust on it or keep backup of your important data without any fear of data loss. If you want to recover iTunes backup password, go to the Best iPhone Backup Unlocker for help.

Best iPhone Passcode Unlock Software: iMyFone LockWiper

According to different scenarios iMyFone LockWiper is the number one password remover for iPhone. It is the most reliable, understandable, easy to use and very secure way to recover your iPhone password or ID. Learn more from our iMyFone LockWiper review.

Free Download Free Download

Situations it handles:

  • Forgot iPhone passcode
  • Disabled iPhone after several unsuccessful log-on attempts
  • Second-hand iOS device without passcode
  • The screen of the iPhone is broken
  • Face ID or Touch ID does’t work

Why Choose it?

  • LockWiper is a completely self-service program, no technical skills are required to use it.
  • Bypass screen passcode for a disabled, locked and broken screen.
  • Remove Apple ID without any passcode from any iOS device.
  • Comes with a very interactive and understandable interface.
  • No matter if you are using it the very first time, it is so easy to understand and recover your passcode.
  • Change to a different Apple ID.
  • Create a new Apple ID


  • After remove the passcode, your iOS device can’t be tracked via the old Apple ID.
  • Your iOS device will be removed from the old iCloud account.
  • Your iOS Device can’t be remotely blocked by the old Apple ID.
  • Your iOS device won’t be remotely erased by the old Apple ID.

How it work:

It is very easy to use, there is a total of three easy steps to unlock your iPhone. It is available for both Windows and Mac, you can download its trial version to experience it the first time but later on, you have to buy its paid version for continuous/commercial use.

Step 1. Launch iMyFone LockWiper

Launch LockWiper and select “Unlock Screen Passcode”.

imyfone lockwiper iphone passcode unlocker

By clicking on this a screen will appear with a “Start” button, keep in mind by starting it, all of your data will be erased, your phone will be updated to latest version and don’t remove your device from the system to avoid any interruption.

imyfone remove the screen lock

Connect your device with the system via USB cable, click on “Next” and it will load your device.

Step 2. Download & Extract Firmware Package

The software will auto-detect your device and click on “Download” by choosing the firmware version.

imyfone download firmware package online

Wait for a few minutes and it will download the version you selected.

download and verify firmware

After the download finishes click on “Start to Extract” to proceed and wait for it to complete.

firmware has been downloaded

Step 3. Unlock Screen Passcode

After successful extraction, click on “Start Unlock” and keep your device connected during the whole process.

extraction completed

By clicking on this, a notice will appear please read it carefully and enter “000000” to double confirm that you are agreeing to unlock your device, click on “Unlock” and your device will be entered in Recovery mode.

confirm to unlock iphone passcode

And after a wait of a few minutes your device will be lock-free.

removing iPhone screen lock

Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked your iPhone without any password.

iPhone passcode unlock is complete

Other Choices to Unlock iPhone Passcode

Tenorshare 4ukey

Another excellent tool for iPhone passcode recovery is Tenorshare 4ukey, capable of unlocking any kind of iPhone password no matter it is 4-digit, 6-digit, custom password, numeric password, Face IDID or Touch ID just in a few minutes. You can read more in our detailed Tenorshare 4uKey review here

Free Download Free Download

It is super easy to download and use it, which available for both mac and Windows. You can try its free trial version for your surety that it can solve your problem or not.

So here are simple steps to get rid of the forgotten password in minutes, follow the steps as following:

Step #1

First, you have to download Tenorshare 4uKey for password recovery, the download link is provided above.

Download and install it on your PC or Mac, and after launching it you will see two features on the front screen naming “Unlock Lock Screen Passcode” and “Unlock Apple ID”. Obviously right now you are looking for iPhone Forgot Password, so definitely you will select the option of “Unlock Lock Screen Passcode” to get started.

You can take a comprehensive guide from this image.

Tenorshare 4ukey iphone passcode unlock software

Step #2

After selecting the “Unlock Lock Screen Passcode”, you will be required to connect your iPhone with the system, after connecting it the software will automatically recognize the device and you will be asked to “Start” so that you can unlock your device.

remove iphone passcode

But in case if your device is not recognized then there’s no need to worry, you can take your device into DFU mode through another way, to enter your device into “DFU mode” or “Recovery Mode” follow the images below which guides you in an excellent way.

To put your device into “Recovery Mode”:

enter dfu mode

To put your device into “DFU Mode”:

enter recovery mode

Step #3

After getting into Recovery mode/DFU mode you will be asked to download the latest version of the firmware package. Choose a path where you want to download it and then click on “Download” option to safely download it.

If you are facing some kind of download problem, you can also download it through the browser.

start download ios firmware with 4ukey

Step #4

After a successful download of the package, you will be asked to “Start Unlock”. There will be a warning section containing information of your data removal, installing the latest version and about your device sufficient power for the whole process.

So if you are satisfied with these precautions you can click on “Start Unlock”.

download ios firmware successfully

Step #5

After starting the procedure you have to wait for several minutes and software will automatically remove your previous password. Please don’t detach your device to avoid any kind of blockage.

removing iPhone passcode

Step #6

As the process finishes you can set up your iPhone including password, Touch ID and Face ID settings and if you have a previous backup on iTunes you can restore it easily.

remove passcode successfully with 4ukey iPhone passcode unlocker

dr.fone – UNLOCK (iOS)

A professional tool for both Android and iPhone with maximum powerful features including backup/restore data, restore social apps, transfer data, unlock device option, etc.

Remember full features are only available in paid software although a trial version is also available for the potential user’s who want to check its features before purchasing.

So if you forgot your iPhone screen password or accidentally locked it by making too many wrong attempts. You still can try dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) for password recovery.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

You have to follow these steps:

Step #1

Connect your device (iPhone/iPad) with your computer. Launch dr.fone and select “Unlock” from the interface

wondershare drfone

Step #2

Connect your iPhone and click “Start”.

remove your iphone's lock screen

Step #3

Enable DFU mode to boot iPhone (follow these simple steps):

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Press and hold both the power button and Volume down key for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the power button and keep holding volume down key until the your iPhone/iPad is in DFU mode.
wondershare enter dfu mode

Step #4

After this phone information will be shown such as phone generation, iOS version, etc. and if by chance the information is not correct you can choose the correct one from the drop-down and click “Download” to download the firmware.

dr.fone iphone passcode hack software download firmware package

Step #5

After the download is complete click on “Unlock Now” to unlock your iPhone.

unlock now with dr.fone iPhone passcode unlocker

Step #6

Within seconds your iPhone will be unlocked but this process will wipe all of your data, unfortunately, there is no way to Unlock your device without data loss.

remove iPhone lock screen completely

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Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker

A powerful three simple steps based utility software which will Unlock your iPhone to get rid of a forgotten password. Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker works in any phone locked condition including phone locked problem after too many attempts, accidental screen broken, forgot the password, bought a second-hand mobile and looking to remove the old password, etc. Available for both Windows and Mac.

Get Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker

Type of passwords which can be recovered by Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker.

  • 4-digit
  • 6-digit
  • Custom password
  • Face Unlock
  • Apple ID / Fingerprint

Unlock your iPhone with Joyoshare iPasscopde Unlocker just in three following steps:

Step #1

Download Joyoshare iPhone passcode Unlock Software for Mac or Windows accordingly to your system. Choose the option of Unlock Password, connect your device to the system, and there will be a start option to continue the unlock procedure.

joyoshare ipasscode unlocker

Step #2

The software will automatically detect your device model and version and if that not happens you can choose it yourself from the dropdown. Download the latest firmware package to unlock the device.

joyoshare download firmware package

Step #3

After downloading the package there will be an option for Unlock Device, click on it to start the process of Unlocking your device, this will go on for a few minutes, do wait until the unlocking procedure finishes.

You can restore your data from iTunes if you made any backup and, if any error occurs to Unlock procedure please try again and you will be done.

unlock completed with iPassCode Unlocker

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Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit

Elcomsoft is the most powerful password recovery toolkit to perform physical and logical acquisition of iPhone

What it can do?

  • Image Device File System.
  • Extract Device Secrets (passwords, encryption keys, and protected data).
  • Decrypt File System Image.

It is totally paid and very expensive tool for data recovery, password recovery, acquiring a physical image of the device, mostly used for commercial uses. There is no trial version of it you have to buy it first to perform any kind of activity.

Here are few steps which lead to iPhone passcode recovery through Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit.

Step #1

You can buy it from Elcomsoft’s official website, we are not going here to discuss how to purchase and install this, this is a quite different topic, so moving toward our first step launch Elcomsoft toolkit. It will require your device connected with the system.

elcomsoft toolkit

Step #2

Please connect your device and it will detect it.

connect ios device to iphone passcode bypass software

Step #3

Make sure your device is connected and in Recovery Mode/DFU Mode.

recovery dfu mode

Step #4

Disable screen lock until the device reboot.

disable screen lock with Elcomsoft

Step #5

After entering into DFU mode you can choose the option “Recover device passcode ”, there will be different options, for example, show password, 4-digit password, etc and the result will be according to the option that you chose.


That’s it, hope this article has helped you learn and understand how to use iPhone passcode hack software. If you have any confusion or experienced any difficulty following the instructions, please let us know in the comments section below.