Best iPhone Data Transfer Software

Best Choice: iMobie AnyTrans Windows/macOS, $39.99+
Runner-up: iMazing Windows/macOS, $44.99+
Also Great: Waltr 2 Windows/macOS, $39.95+

Numerous people need to backup or transfer their iPhone data to PC and protect them. Usually, people use iTunes for this but it restrains data formats we can transfer, and just bought songs are permitted to sync with iTunes. Also, it has some other limitations. With the best iPhone transfer program, you’ll have significantly more functionality than you do with iTunes and you can transfer an excessive variety of records among iPhone and PC. Anyway, what’s the best iPhone transfer tool? Here, we will discuss some well-known tools for iPhone transfer and give some best iPhone transfer software reviews that helps you to pick the one which is reasonable for you.

What is iPhone Data Transfer Software?

The iPhone transfer software is used for the data transfer or data backup from iPhone to the computer. The iPhone data transfer tool has the ability to recognize and scan iPhone, iPad and iPod device, and selectively transfer songs, playlists, photos, videos among iOS devices and PC/iTunes without restrictions. It is able to back up your contacts and messages on the computer.

When You Need an iPhone Transfer?

These days a huge number of individuals around the world take photograph and video on their iPhone. A significant number of them need to manage these files like transfer or backup and simply free up some space on the gadget without losing everything. At that time when you need to transfer files from your old iPhone to a new iPhone then you need an iPhone data transfer software. Likewise, when you want to transfer music, videos, or other files from computer to iPhone or you adore some music from your friend’s iPhone and you need them on yours.

How We Picked the Best iPhone Transfer Software?

To decide the Winner, these were the rules used to list down the data transfer tools and locate the best of the list:

  • Capabilities: For the situation of device management, there’s a ton of assortment. Among iTunes choices, you can discover applications for information transfer, overseeing media, messages, contacts and notes backup, and so on. Regardless of an incredible assortment, we mulled over the must-have iTunes features just like a lot of special attributes.
  • Structure and ease of use: Application configuration is as important as the list of capabilities. The user interface (UI) establishes the first connection, and afterward, the user experience (UX) demonstrates how instinctive and simple to-utilize the product is at the job finishing. With regards to iPhone data management, both UI and UX ought to fulfill.
  • Compatibility: obviously the best iPhone data transfer ought to be perfect with any iPhone, including iPad and iPod. However, there are a few software’s that quite refreshing to help the most recent iOS 12 and iPhone XS.
  • Moderate Price:  In the iTunes choices recorded beneath, most of them are paid, yet have a free trial for testing or give a few highlights for nothing out of pocket. Along these lines, an application must offer the best value for the cash on the off chance that you choose to buy a full form.

Best iPhone Transfer Software: AnyTrans


The AnyTrans is created by iMobie and an amazing data management tool, well-matched with the whole series of Apple devices. Regardless of this reality, AnyTrans is available for both Mac and Windows. The application can likewise completely oversee Android devices and cloud content. This makes AnyTrans an awesome across the board answer for your data management needs.

  • It supports 24+ kinds of iOS file types, as photographs, recordings, music, contacts, messages, voice memos, voice messages, notes, even a few information that are not supported to backed up through iTunes/iCloud, for example, non-purchased music, ringtones, movies can be exchanged from iPhone to iPhone.
  • It has various transferring modes like it allows you to combine data from iPhone to iPhone with a single click, or specifically transfer data starting with one iPhone to another one. It also has a preview function that helps you to check that what file is going to transfer.
  • The AnyTrans has extremely quick Transferring Speed. For instance, exchange 3000 photographs from iPhone to iPhone inside 5 minutes. In addition, it keeps the first picture quality.
  • It has incredible Stability, exchanges information from iPhone to iPhone in extraordinary solidness. Mishaps like software crash could never occur.
  • The straightforward UI and easy operation of AnyTrans make it simple to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone legitimately, without the confounded iTunes/iCloud backup and reestablish process.
  • It supports macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8; Windows 10, 8, 7; iOS 12, iOS 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.
  • In spite of the fact that the product isn’t free, AnyTrans gives a free preliminary mode. To purchase there are two choices: a single permit for one PC for $39.99 USD, or a family permit that can be utilized on five PCs immediately for $59.99 (the standard cost is $199.95). Each plan comes lifetime updates and a 100% unconditional promise inside 60 days.
  • Although the software isn’t free, AnyTrans provides a free trial mode. To buy there are two options: a single license for one computer for $39.99 USD, or a family license that can be used on five computers at once for $59.99 (the usual price is $199.95). Each plan comes with lifetime updates and a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days. Note: Sales tax may be applied based on your country of residence.

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Runner-Up: iMazing


iMazing is an astonishing and easy to understand iOS device manager for Windows and Mac. Created by DigiDNA, iMazing surpasses iTunes’ capacities by enabling clients to back up and reestablish iPhone, iPad, and iPod, save media and different records on a PC, and exchange data between gadgets. The application additionally accompanies an iTunes library chief and iCloud compatibility.

  • iMazing’s interface is charming and moderate. After pairing your iOS gadget with the application, you will see a rundown of applications and file types in the left-situated sheet that can be accessed, reviewed, and backed up.
  • It has a quick transfer function that is a new and straightforward approach to drag-n-drop any sort of data from an iPhone, iPad or iPod contact to another gadget, and with the special rewards of having the capacity to do it all in one go, and of altering which content is exchanged.
  • In addition to handling files, photographs, music, recordings, call history, calendar, and contacts, iMazing likewise supports archives from iBook, messages, and notes.
  • There is no uncertainty, it’s a lot simpler to browse WhatsApp and iMessage chats from up to down on the desktop. No more looking through many messages! You can search and choose the most significant messages and save them in the manner that bodes well for you (by name, date, point, etc.).
  • You can transfer messages or even threads into archives, which you can sort out into folders, transfer to storage or send as email attachments.
  • Not at all like iTunes, iMazing gives you a chance to keep various backups put away on the hard drive. No data is exchanged over the Internet.
  • iMazing is available for both OS X and Windows, and you can download iMazing trial to test it for yourself but trial version has some limitations. There are 3 pricing choices: Basic (1 permit for $44.99), Universal (2 licenses for $49.99), or Family (5 licenses for $65.99). Last two have discounts right now.

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The Paid Competition

Waltr 2


The WALTR 2 speaks to a completely extraordinary experience among you and your Apple gadget. In the event that you are searching for the quickest and most effortless approach to get any media content from your PC to any Apple cell phone, WALTR 2 is the best approach. The application speaks to a totally unique experience among you and your Apple gadget.

  • It can transfer any video and music records into any Apple gadget without iTunes. It changes over files on the fly, keeping lossy records in a supported lossy format.
  • The application likewise works with 4K Ultra HD recordings and iBooks documents, alongside PDFs.
  • Waltr 2 incorporates Wi-Fi support in addition to transferring records over USB. It means that if you disconnect your USB link while exchanging, the application will continue the process over Wi-Fi.
  • It additionally has an element called Automatic Content Recognition (ACR). With ACR, you ought to get the majority of the metadata for your content filled in where it’s missing, so your music and recordings appear as though they were bought from the iTunes Store.
  • It deals with MacOS 10.9+/Windows 7 or more current. Its price is US$39.95, which is keeping pace with iMazing that offer greater usefulness. Yet, this “one-reason” application works very well since it isn’t overpacked with stuff and fly truly quickly.

dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

dr.fone transfer for ios

The Dr. Fone – Transfer is a very commanding data transfer software that can be used to transfer videos, music, messages, contacts, photos from iPhone to computer. It also transfers a wide variety of files from iOS to your computer.

  • With the help of Dr. Fone you can transfer files from iOS device to Mac, Personal computer or any other iOS device. Also, you can export music on your iDevice to iTunes and computer with ratings, play counts and skip.
  • You can transfer photos among iPhone, iPad, and PC just by “drag and drop” method.
  • Through this software you can merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone memory, iCloud, Gmail, and other accounts with zero data loss.
  • Dr. Fone helps you to create your own playlist and even manage music files with it.
  • It is compatible with iOS version 7 and later. It’s also available for both windows and mac operating systems. Its trial version has some limited functions to test it.
  • To install this software and perform the functions efficiently you need an active and stable internet connection.

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The Syncios manager is a flexible application that enables you to back up information and sorts out it utilizing its convenient interface. Syncios can a superior option to iTunes. With Syncios, you can backup music, video, photographs, applications, digital recording, iTunes U, ringtones, digital books, camera move, voice updates, camera shot, contacts, notes to your PC, flawlessly duplicate video, sound, photographs and so on from PC to your iDevice. You can likewise sync your iDevice to iTunes. This ground-breaking and easy to use devices also accompanies a converting function that you can use to change over any sound and video to Apple compatible sound and video.

  • Syncios can transfer music from iPhone to iPhone and vice versa. Also, sync iPhone files to computer and copy files to iTunes.
  • It can import and export photos, videos, ringtone, eBooks among PC and iPhone.
  • It helps to backup imported data like contacts, bookmarks, voice memos, notes and so on.
  • Through this software, you can create, delete, and edit photo albums. Likewise, manage applications documents among PC and iPhone.
  • It has some disadvantages like offer to download and install the components that are not required for the software to work fully functional. To use Synios iPhone transfer on computer iTunes must be Installed.

iMyFone TunesMate

imyfone tunesmate

The iMyFone TunesMate is a thorough software to exchange media files among iPhone and PC/iTunes library without information misfortune. It gives you more opportunity to exchange records than iTunes. It is very easy to exchange music/videos data among iOS and iTunes/PC with no harm to the iTunes library. The utility is extremely incredible in light of the fact that it really doesn’t take any technical know-how so as to flawlessly exchange and sync all kind of documents among iOS and your PC. Including a simple drag and drop function. It’s really simple to ensure you have each record precisely where you need it. While this tool may redundant for those with a great deal of specialized learning. It certainly streamlines the procedure and makes it much simpler for the rest of us

  • It supports different types of files like; music, movies, playlists, book recordings, digital broadcasts, TV shows, iTunes U, ringtones, photographs, and so forth.
  • It has the ability to exchange media records to your iPhone from PC, iTunes library, CDs, outside HD, and so on.
  • Sort out the media records from your iPhone to PC/iTunes, including purchased and non-purchased music.
  • Back up iPhone or iTunes records and reestablish backups without information misfortune.
  • It is providing the free trial version that helps you to test its full features.



iExplorer by Macroplant LLC is intended to exchange information between Apple gadgets and PC. Truth be told, it resembles an iPhone browser that gives you a chance to oversee and sort out the documents on your gadgets as though it was on a flash drive. With iExplorer, you can exchange media documents to iTunes and export messages, contacts, notes, call history, voice updates, and other information directly to your PC.

  • iExplorer lets you effectively exchange music from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to a Mac or PC and iTunes. You can look for and see specific songs at that point duplicate them to iTunes with the pinch of a touch or with drag and drop.
  • It is the best tool to enable you to view, fare and archive your messages and attachments.
  • You can see your iPhone’s photographs directly in Finder or Windows Explorer through iExplorer’s disk mounting function that enable you to utilize your iPhone, iPod or iPad like a USB flash drive.
  • We’ve made seven brilliant utilities into iExplorer that enable you to browse, preview, save, and export the most significant data in the databases of your iPhone or iPad.
  • With iExplorer, you can get to more records and organizers without changing (jailbreaking) your gadget than at any other time.
  • iExplorer additionally works extraordinarily if your iPhone is Jailbroken. With AFC2 get to, the application can read and write to the iOS gadget’s genuine root (For advanced users only!).
  • iExplorer has a trial version with limited functionalities. To open all functions, you’ll need to buy one of three licenses: Basic (1 permit for $39.99), Universal (2 licenses for $49.99), or Family (5 licenses for $69.98).

Best Free iPhone Transfer Tool: EaseUS MobiMover

easeus mobimover

The best free iPhone data transfer tool is EaseUS MobiMover. There are confines on the usefulness or the amount of information you can manage. MobiMover can undoubtedly back up your iPhone or iPad and exchange information between Apple gadgets. Being a far-reaching answer for iPhone information management, EaseUS helps to copy documents from iPhone or to iPhone from a PC or your other phone. It’s good with PC and Mac and supports iPhones running the most recent iOS.

  • To deal with your iOS information or transfer records between gadgets, you have to connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB link. There is no wireless association.
  • When the gadget is connected, you’ll see its name appearing on the tab bar. On the off chance that you need to work directly with the phone contents, you need to tap on the gadget name and pick the category you have to manage. Simply pick the records you need to copy, alter or erase.
  • In the event that you need to transfer information like Safari bookmarks or Contacts, you should turn off the iCloud on your phone.
  • Transferring the information to or from iPhone is additionally snappy and direct. Simply click the 1-Click Transfer on the tab bar, pick the gadget you need to transfer from on the left side, and the gadget you need to transfer to on the right side.
  • Pick the kind of content you need to transfer, from contacts to voice memos. EaseUS permits choosing explicit records or various folders in the meantime. To begin the procedure, click the transfer button.
  • Like AnyTrans, EaseUS MobiMover likewise offers a video downloader function. Simply pick the gadget you need to save a video to, enter a link, and click on the download button. The engineers guarantee that the application will automatically distinguish the format of the video and transcode it to the required one.
  • EaseUS MobiMover gives these functions for free of cost. Be that as it may, it likewise offers a paid form “EaseUS MobiMover Pro”, which also offers lifetime upgrades and 24/7 specialized help. There are three plans; they vary by the quantity of worked PCs. The value begins from $49.95 for Mac and $39.95 for Windows. There’s an unconditional promise inside 30 days of procurement.

Free Alternatives

CopyTrans Manager

copytrans manager

Numerous clients depend on iTunes, basically for music records managing. Nonetheless, just purchased music on iPhone are permitted to synchronize to iTunes, and there is no capacity to transfer tunes between iDevices.

  • CopyTrans Manager is a quicker, lighter, free iTunes alternative for better songs management.
  • It encourages you to play out all the key iTunes functions on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod together with add and remove songs and videos, create and alter playlists, find and add album artwork and alter track labels.
  • When you connect your iOS gadget to your Windows PC, the program begins examining the contents of your device and uncovers your music library and ringtone collection.
  • In the event that various Apple gadgets are connected with the PC, at that point, a favored one can be picked from a drop-down menu. So as to tidy up music and movies, CopyTrans Manager can be set to show just duplicates in the rundown, along these lines enabling you to erase cloned file while leaving out the originals.
  • In any case, its attention is exclusively on music, recordings, applications, and playlists. It doesn’t back up contacts or photographs, you’ll need to buy a different application to accomplish that.
  • Another issue is that the software needs Apple Mobile Device Service driver to be installed on your PC so as to work.
  • Taking into account that it is free to utilize, CopyTrans Manager is a great instrument for managing music and films movies on iDevices without falling back on the convoluted and asset hoarding iTunes. Be that as it may, it’s solitary available for Windows PC, no Mac version is existing yet.



MusicBee is basically a music player that enables you to sort out and deal with your music libraries. MusicBee makes it simple to manage, find, and play music records on your PC. MusicBee likewise supports web radio stations, podcasts, and SoundCloud additions. It’s accessible just for Windows and offers two versions; the regular desktop edition and a portable application, which can be installed in different locations, for example, a USB drive.

  • Play your music the manner in which you need. Transform your PC into a music jukebox. Use auto-labeling to tidy up your messy music library. Enjoy an incredible music involvement with MusicBee.
  • Change the appearance of MusicBee by electing the included skins or download more from their Add-on section. You can likewise make your own skin and share it with others.
  • Synchronize your music collection with gadgets you use. MusicBee underpins playlist and podcast syncing up, even supports book recordings with 2 way synchronizing.
  • Convert formats on the fly if your gadget does not compatible with certain formats.
  • You can likewise sync your Android and Windows Phone (8.1+) gadgets.
  • MusicBee has local help for Groove Music (past Xbox Music). You can stream directly from MusicBee or add to your current playlist, get songs suggestions from the tremendous Groove inventory.
  • If you need to listen a song before purchase? You can listen in preview.
  • MusicBee packs a far-reaching set of functions to make your music experience better.
  • However, it is a standout amongst the most lightweight player utilizing around 25-70 MB ram* with skins and additional items, and packs these under 10 MB.

We can conclude that the majority of the above applications are extremely incredible at what they do. Furthermore, more significantly, they show good over iTunes and that is the catch. Be that as it may, there are a few restrictions to utilizing some of them. As should be obvious, AnyTrans for iOS verifies to be significantly more dominant. With it, you can’t just transfer all information from iPhone to iPhone in a single tick, yet in addition specifically, pick what you truly need to transfer. However, everybody has its taste, simply pick the one you like to download!