Best iPhone Data Eraser Tools

Best Choice: iMobie PhoneClean Windows/macOS, $19.99+
Runner-up: iMyFone Umate Pro Windows/macOS, $29.95+
Also Great: dr.fone – Erase (iOS) Windows/macOS, $19.95+

One approach to erase iPhone data is by utilizing the default data erase function on iPhone. With the advancement of technology, it has turned out to be a lot simpler to recoup lost or erased the information by using the iPhone data erase software. However, the good news is that we additionally have some best iOS data eraser tools that can totally erase your iPhone without any odds at all of recovering the erased information. This article will disclose to you how to eradicate iPhone information forever with the best iPhone data eraser tool.

What is iPhone Data Eraser?

The iPhone Data Eraser is required if you want to wipe all iPhone data before selling. It is the tool that eternally deletes your files from iOS devices and prevents them from being recovered. The product also named iPhone wiper made for erasing all the contents in iPhone, iPad, iPod and also used as iPad data eraser and iPod data eraser. It likewise clears private information and frees up storage space to accelerate iPhone by a huge margin.

Why People Would Want to Erase Data of Their iPhone?

When people want to sell their iPhone, iPad or iPod, one of the worries for most clients is the security of their privacy. Definitely, the messages, photographs, installment, business emails and different records in applications are so private. For this situation, you will be required to delete your private data to stay away from it being gotten to by an undesirable individual.

Also, you utilize your device for quite a while, the storage space of your device is decreasing and littler, particularly for small capacity devices. It concerns clients that there isn’t sufficient space to store more photographs and update your phone operating system. At this time iPhone data eraser or phone cleaner is helpful.

What you need to do before erasing iPhone Data

Before deleting iPhone data you should take some steps to save your important data.

  • Make a backup of your data on iTunes because accessing the backup from your system is easy and possible it without an internet connection.
  • Also, make backups on iCloud because of some time system failure cause iTunes backup lost. It is also helpful when you are out of home and haven’t accessed to your system, you just need Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • When you are backup data to iTunes/iCloud, carefully check that your contacts are backed up safely
  • You can simply export all your contacts as .vcf (vCard file). Even though having your contacts saved in iTunes/iCloud backups, having a real vCard file having your contacts is extremely helpful.
  • You should sign out of your Apple ID account that will disable all iCloud-related features on your iPhone.
  • Sign-out from iTunes on iDevice.
  • Usually, in a general reset everything resets including passcodes but just to be sure,.

How do We Choose the Best iPhone Data Eraser for You?

Everyone wants to protect their iPhone data when they are selling their iPhone. That’s why they want some iOS data eraser to erase the data from their iPhone. We are here to help you to choose the best iPhone data eraser. Best iPhone data eraser has some qualities that make them superior from others. The qualities are below:

  • It should compatible with all iOS versions and devices.
  • It should be reliable.
  • Have the capability to delete all private files, erase private fragments and wipe out deleted files.
  • It should easy to use and shows the all possible erasing option in one place.
  • It should be cost-effective so it pays to ensure that a tool completely addresses your issues before you buy it.

In the sight of these above-mentioned qualities, we choose the best iPhone data eraser is iMobile PhoneClean.

The Winner: iMobile PhoneClean:

imobie phoneclean

The iMobile PhoneClean is the best iOS data eraser. It enables you to clean your iPhone, deal with your space and keep up your privacy, across the board simple to utilize package. The program can examine and erase iPhone cookies and script files, hidden temporary and junk files, caches, media files, help iOS users to spare more space and secure clients on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You can likewise effectively backup and restore your iPhone with this incredible iPhone tool.

PhoneClean enables you to make up to 10 restore points when backing up or reestablishing your iPhone with the goal that your backup or restore process is lighting quick. It gives you three incredible highlights:

  • Provide you most noteworthy standard in privacy security and keep everything sensitive getting eradicated.
  • Keep your web perusing private, leaving no trace
  • Clean the outdated iPhone or iPad and influence a lift to up.


The key advantages of iMobie PhoneClean are that it removes privacy records to ensure privacy is not compromised and removes unclear files to free up more space.

  • Its basic features are great also it permits simply and safely removing options.
  • The PhoneClean has two versions of PhoneClean free and PhoneClean pro. The free version is able to clean up old useless files and the Pro one has additional options.
  • It automatically cleans gadgets from local WiFi network each day and uses Erase Clean to carefully erase all data from the device.
  • It supports up to 7 languages, which increases its scope of users.
  • PhoneClean for iPhone has a clean and interactive user interface to make sure the user’s mood.
  • It is suitable for any iOS user, it has 8 different clearing functions to encounter the user needs.
  • It is Compatible with all iOS devices and versions, together with the latest iOS 13 and various file types.

Runner-Up: iMyFone Umate Pro

iMyFone Umate Pro

As PhoneClean alternative, iMyFone Umate Pro gives exceptional highlights to people in general. It can delete a wide range of information whether it is call-history, recordings, attachments, photographs, messages, and other private data, to free up space and shield private information from being uncovered. It is powerful in such a way that any information it eradicates can’t be recovered again. It’s one of a kind capacity of eradicating private information of outsider App (WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and so on).

In addition, the Umate Pro can likewise filter and erase as of now previously erased information in a circumstance where you have done it utilizing the ordinary methods. Umate Pro is easy to use as it requires a couple of steps all the while. This iPhone information eraser has all advantages of PhoneClean and furthermore compensates for downsides of iMobie PhoneClean.


  • The tool has a perfect navigation function, which can without much of a stretch erase diverse sorts of information. This basic interface makes it simple to discover the mode you need to enter.
  • In spite of the fact that the product does not have an automatic erase function, it permits particular deletion information from modes other than the initial two modes.
  • The tool has amazingly quick filtering and cleaning process. The slowest examine time takes just a couple of minutes and the cleaning procedure is quick.
  • Other than to PhoneClean it is reasonable for most operating systems, just as all iPhone perfect with practically all iOS (counting most recent iOS 12.2). It permits erasing all information on iPhone or iPad.
  • The product has free and paid versions. The free version enables a single click to clear all information and paid one has more features that permit selectively deleting files.

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Competition and Comparison

In this best iPhone data eraser tools competition here are some of the iPhone data eraser tools that we have compared and evaluated for you beyond PhoneClean and Umate Prp.

dr.fone – Erase (iOS)

dr.fone erase ios

Eradicating your own data will shield you from thieves. In view of this, you should look no more distant than dr.fone – Erase (iOS) – iOS Full Data Eraser Software. This information eradicating program gives you the opportunity to erase every one of your documents regardless of whether they are private or not, without any odds of recovering the records ever again. The information you eradicate will be gone forever. No one, not in any case, an expert personality cheat, will ever have the capacity to recover it. To stop a long story, this how you can delete your full information from your iPhone in only minutes. It has some advantages like as:

  • You select which information you need to eradicate.
  • It has simple navigate process.
  • Your information is forever erased.
  • It’s not possible for anyone to ever recuperate and see your private information.
  • Clear junk files and accelerate iPhone/iPad.
  • Compress photographs on iPhone/iPad to free up storage.

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Aiseesoft FoneEraser

aiseesoft foneeraser

The FoneEraser is the incredible utility to delete all iPhone contents and settings for all completely and permanently. Offered three deleting levels alternatively, you can eradicate any information on iPhone/iPad/iPod to secure your privacy.

  • FoneEraser can delete multiple of your iPhone contents and settings for all time. The content contains text content, media, apps, archives, and settings. Indeed, even you sell your out-dated iPhone, you can set your mind at rest.
  • FoneEraser completes extraordinary support to wipe up everything on iPhone altogether. FoneEraser can clear out all your iPhone contents and settings altogether and overwrite your phone storage to ensure your records are unrecoverable.
  • It gives you three modes to clean iOS gadgets information low level, medium level, and high level. Regardless of your need to clear out confidential data on your activity, or simply normal documents throughout your life, you can pick one of the three dimensions to begin your eradication.
  • FoneEraser supporting different iOS gadgets to delete information all the while.
  • If you need to clean up all your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch data, but you want to go out in an emergency, at that point FoneEraser can do incredible support to you. It empowers you to run this product with eradicating more than one iOS gadgets in the meantime.

Advanced SystemCare iFreeUp

advanced systemcare ifreeup

iFreeUp is professional software that lets you manage your iPhone, iPod, and iPad on the computer.

  • If you need to erase all files from iphone, at that point iFreeUp is a secret weapon for you. You are permitted to shred all the private information including password, photographs, and recordings or crucial contracts on your device with the assistance of iFreeUp. It offers the most secure method for securing your private information.
  • With the assistance of iFreeUp, you can simply erase large records and downloads to make more storage for your iOS gadgets.
  • iFreeUp can offer you the most effortless approach to backup, restore or transfer records including photographs, music, books, videos, applications and digital broadcasts between your PC and iPhone, iPod and iPad.
  • iFreeUp empowers you to discover all the junk files made by certain games and third-party software’s, call logs and photo cache. At the point when the gadgets clear out all the garbage documents for you, your gadget will run quicker than previously.

Coolmuster iOS Cleaner

coolmuster ios cleaner

Like most other iPhone data wiper, it can delete messages, recordings, photographs, contacts and so forth as it likewise makes it difficult to be recouped once erased. Looking for a way to clean your iOS gadgets’ private information and junk files so as to extend the memory space, improve iOS and guarantee the security of your iPad, iPhone and iPod privacy? iOS Cleaner is your best and perfect decision.

  • With its assistance, you can erase 30+ sorts of junk files and private data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod with only 1 click. Efficiently shield your privacy from evil eyes.
  • With a lot of amazing features, this reliable tool will almost certainly improve your iPad, iPhone and iPod’s execution and make them run like new.
  • Since iOS Cleaner is delivered to clean your iPad, iPhone and iPod’s memory and eradicate all the junk and unusable data forever, it will keep your iDevices continuously run fast.
  • It will check deeply on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and show all examined out records obviously for your decision. Simply set off your gadget with a new beginning.
  • As the most radiant and imaginative iOS cleaning software, all iOS gadgets can be supported by it, including iOS 12.2.



The iPhone Cleaner accompanies a straightforward yet incredible solution for keeping your iOS gadgets, for example, iPhone, iPad, or iPod contact clean. This valuable application contains numerous practical features, for example, App Cleaner, System Cleanup, Find Large Files, Privacy Cleaner, One-Click-Copy, iOS Ads Remover, Removal of Document and Data and numerous more.

  • Device Manager of iPhone Cleaner supports you to configure, organize and manage the applications and information files on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. As indicated by your prerequisite, you can erase the unnecessary documents or uninstall the repetitive applications from your iOS gadget.
  • When the examining procedure is finished, iPhone Cleaner will demonstrate to you junk files, app cache, App Cookies, and other unnecessary data, and so on which can influence the performance of the iDevice, at that point you can evacuate the needless records and thus recuperated more disk space which can be utilized for the other required purposes.
  • Planned to ensure iOS client’s privacy safety, iPhone Cleaner’s Privacy Clean eradicates client’s personal information forever, for example, messages including the attachments, Safari browser history, call history, GPS area record and so forth.
  • Discover the large files fast and clean up the disk space.
  • Made backup of important data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod by a single click.

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner for Mac

cisdem iphone cleaner

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner is the iPhone cleaner application that rapidly and securely examines and clean your iOS device from hidden temp, cache, and other junk data, along these lines opening up more space on your iPhone.

  • Search each corner of your iPhone and visualize the extent of your records and applications, videos or photographs in list style, you can without much of a stretch evacuate the unnecessary documents and uninstall useless applications to free up more space for iPhone.
  • Clear up junk data created by your applications, app junk files, app cookies, app caches, and other repetitive records are altogether recognized and cleaned.
  • It filters your storage disk, folder, and visually shows a rundown of the bulkiest content.
  • It has basic functionality and instinctive so anybody can rapidly and effectively clean iPhone junk records without running into any baffling or awkward delays.
  • The One-Click-Scan physically duplicates the documents from your iDevice and thuds them onto your hard drive, which is particularly helpful when iTunes can’t perceive your gadget.

In the above described iPhone data erasers we can easily see the difference between them regarding their features and functionality. This article specifically reviews PhoneClean and suggest some replacement for iMobie PhoneClean. You can pick any of them to free up space as long as it accommodates your need. Please send us recommendations in the comment section.