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Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows: Duplicate Cleaner Pro €27.95+
Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac: MacPaw Gemini 2 $19.95+

Do you feel like your computer is cluttered? Would you like to get rid of duplicate items, but you don’t want to go and delete files manually? That is where our best duplicate file remover reviews come into play.

We searched the market up and down to find the most reliable duplicate file finders for Windows and Mac. Using these tools is simple and intuitive, and allows managing redundant files in several clicks. Check out our detailed descriptions of top-rated products on the market and pick the most suitable tool for you!

Quick Summary

Duplicate Cleaner Pro created by DigitalVolcano is the best duplicate file finder for Windows out there. The software has everything that this type of tool should deliver. That includes a detailed interface for adjusting search parameters. The tool is fast, and it will find duplicates and similar files on your PC. You can preview images and audios, and selecting the items for deletion is a piece of cake.

MacPaw Gemini 2 is the best duplicate file finder for Mac machines. The developer designed a convenient and user-friendly tool with loads of options. You can make the removal process extremely simple or dive into details if necessary.

In this article, we provide detailed reviews of these two tools. We also gathered paid and free alternatives to help you pick the perfect duplicate finder for your requirements!

What is Duplicate File Finder?

A duplicate file finder is a tool that simplifies finding and removing duplicate items from your computer. These apps allow you to pick the locations to scan and identify duplicates and items they see as similar. Thanks to this, you can select the files for deletion easily and prevent cluttering your computer with unnecessary files.

Duplicate file finders can be simple tools that only look for identical file names. However, the best apps out there can also search for similarities and provides additional functions to give the user total control over the deletion process.

Who Should (Or Should Not) Get A Duplicate File Finder?

Duplicate files are a common problem for computer users. You might have saved different versions of the same document, and ended up with several variations you don’t need. If you love taking photos, the odds are you have numerous similar ones stored. Additionally, if you have been using the same machine for years, at least a couple of duplicates must have appeared along the way.

That is when you might need the best duplicate file finder out there. Here are the situations when you can utilize these programs:

  • You are low on disk space and need to free up some room on your hard drive
  • You noticed numerous duplicates on your machine
  • You have thousands of photos transferred to your device, but they are not organized
  • You synchronize your PC and mobile phone or another portable device often

If you have a brand-new computer, you might not need these tools. But after a while, it becomes a crucial asset in managing your machine.

How We Test the Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows/Mac?

We took the search for the best-rated duplicate fie finder software seriously. Our team made sure to analyze all relevant features, including the ones listed below.


The tool must be compatible with your operating system version to work. Duplicate file finders might come in versions for Windows and Mac. Additionally, you want to ensure they support your machine’s OS. Some programs might work on Windows Vista, but don’t support Windows XP. Others might not be compatible with the latest macOS versions. That is why it is important to confirm the compatibility of the tool with your PC.

Search Options

The basic search option is to look for files with identical names. That is what even the simplest duplicate finders do. However, the best tools out there will provide multiple options for customizing the search process. You should be able to search for specific tags, look for similar files and content, and utilize other parameters to narrow down the search.

Scanning Speed and Reliability

You want the scanning process to go fast. While that always depends on the quantity of data to analyze, these tools will usually scan the system quickly.

Apart from speed, reliability is also important. The duplicate finder needs to follow your instructions. If you exclude certain folders from the search, they shouldn’t appear in the results. That is why you should only pick software capable of delivering detailed results based on your instructions.

Intuitive Interface and Customization Options

The developers need to make their software simple to use for beginners. However, a high level of customization is something that advanced users need. An intuitive interface will allow you to browse the scanned files and select the ones to remove. Sorting files by type, name, or group is also a convenient feature.

If you delete a file and realize you need it, some duplicate finders also offer the restore function. Others will only move the items to the Recycle Bin so that you can restore them if necessary.

The Winners

Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows: Duplicate Cleaner Pro

If you take a look at the critics, you will find that Duplicate Cleaner Pro is the best rated duplicate file finder software. DigitalVolcano is the company behind the tool. They keep improving the app and releasing updates that provide new features and optimize the software.

Take a look at the main features of Duplicate Cleaner Pro:

  • Finding duplicate folders and items – you can choose the locations where to look to make the search easier.
  • Selection Assistant – it is a unique feature that allows you to pick files for removal.
  • Managing images and music – you can get your photos and songs organized by searching for similar pictures, or duplicate songs.

Get Duplicate Cleaner Pro Now

Can I Download Duplicate Cleaner Pro for Free?

Duplicate Cleaner offers free and Pro versions. The premium edition is available via a free trial, and you can test all features for 15 days. The free version has the basic functionality but limitations regarding file deletion. If you want to see the full potential of the software and use all its features, you will need to purchase a paid version.

Here is an overview of the Duplicate Cleaner Pro’s prices:

  • Personal license – a lifetime license will cost you €27.95.
  • Site license – this type of license is for a single site, but you get an unlimited number of software installations. The price is €335.
  • Enterprise license – the subscription costs €1,912 and allows unlimited installations of the tool at multiple sites.

Does Duplicate Cleaner Pro Really Work? Hands-on Testing

Can Duplicate Cleaner Pro deliver all promised features? Is it a reliable program with a high success rate in identifying and removing duplicate files? We downloaded the software and tested it ourselves to analyze its performance.

Once you start the program, you will have the option of choosing the desired language. The software supports 18 different languages, and you can also create a translation.

The home screen of Duplicate Cleaner Pro looks like this:

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – home screen

The interface is simple, which makes this tool tempting for newbies. DigitalVolcano understands that the best duplicate finder Windows can offer needs to be intuitive. Their app features a clean layout and simple graphics to ensure you find your way around easily.

The top menu allows you to explore various settings or access help. The bottom part allows changing language, checking for updates, and upgrading to the pro version.

At the central part of the screen, you can initiate a new search. If you have used the program before, you can also load a search profile. That will bring back the criteria you used in previous searches to avoid the hassle of setting all parameters again, which is a convenient feature.

Click on the “Search Criteria” Tab to set different searching parameters.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – search criteria

The screen is nicely divided into sections to ensure users can understand all functions well. Everything starts by picking the search type.

You have three options available, and the first one is the Regular mode.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – regular search mode

You can browse for identical content or set the desired rate of similarity. The scanning process might last longer if you pick similar content. It is also possible to choose which files to ignore by entering the date, size, or name of items to skip during the scan.

The next option is Image mode, which is only available in Duplicate Cleaner Pro.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – image search mode

The supported formats include JPG, PNG, TIF, DIB, EMF, ICO, GIF, BMP, and 20 RAW image types. You can pick the desired level of photo similarity and look for rotated or flipped images. The details offered are impressive and help you narrow down the search.

Audio Mode focuses on scanning only audio files and ignoring other file types.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – audio search mode

The supported formats include MP3, AAC, M4A, M4P, FLAC, APE, WMA, WAV, and OGG. You can adjust artist and title names, and pick other tags to match. The search speed depends on the criteria, but Duplicate Cleaner Pro tries to be as fast as possible in its searches.

If we refer to the other sections of the “Search Criteria” tab, you will find different search filters, such as dates, sizes, and types of items to scan. Advanced options allow you to look inside ZIP archives, count or exclude hard-linked files, etc.

The next tab is “Scan Location,” where you can adjust the areas you want the program to scan.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – scan location

The left section of the screen is your local PC browser. From here, you choose paths to scan and add them for scanning by clicking the arrow pointing the right side of the screen. You will notice the folder has appeared in the right section. It is possible to add as many destinations as you like to narrow down your search.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro allows you to include or exclude specific folders, scan subfolders, or protect locations to keep the files inside safe. Apart from looking for duplicates, the program can also search unique files and show them in a separate tab.

Once everything is ready, click on the “Start Scan” at the top of the screen and initiate the scanning process.

Scanning and Removing Files

Duplicate Cleaner Pro will now start searching for specified files. The scanning window shows the progress and current search results.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – scanning in progress

The tool is fast, which is partially why we pronounced it for the best duplicate file finder out there. It won’t spend more than a second necessary to look for the specified items. Once it finishes scanning, it will take you to the “Duplicate Files” tab.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – duplicate file browsing

As you can see, the scanned files that fit your search parameters are shown in the right part of the screen. In the left section, you can use the “Selection assistant” to help you pick files for removal. The functions below the Tab list allows you to sort the files by using various parameters.

The “Selection Assistant” has a wide range of features and allows you to mark files by using various tags. Certain functions will open a pop-up window, such as “Mark by Location.”

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – selection assistant – mark by location

Here, you get to choose the folder name and subfolders, as well as other marking details.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro has an integrated audio player to help you preview music files before deleting them. Also, you can preview images by clicking the “Image Preview” button at the top.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – preview photos

This will make it easy to ensure you don’t delete a single file you might need.

If you take a closer look at the tabs, you will also find the “Duplicate Folders” section.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – duplicate folders list

The folders are divided into different categories and allow you to see the files inside once selected.

If you picked for the Duplicate Cleaner Pro to look for unique files, you could browse them in the “Unique Files” tab.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – unique files list

While this increases the convenience of the software, be careful when choosing files for removal. You might not have other copies, and you don’t want to risk removing items you might need. The navigation window looks the same as with duplicated files, so use the “Selection Assistant” to help you pick the files.

Finally, once you are ready, click on “File Removal” at the top. Please note that you run it only for duplicates or unique files. If you want to use it for unique items, choose File Removal within that tab. For erasing duplicates, you can choose the command in any of the two Duplicate tabs.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – file removal, moving, and copying

The final steps allow you to set whether you want to delete, move, or copy files. Click on the desired command to perform it, and the system will apply it.

Overall, Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a fast, intuitive, and reliable tool. It does a great job of finding duplicate files, and you have numerous options for adjusting search parameters.

Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac: Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is a duplicate file finder for Mac designed by MacPaw. The company is famous for other amazing apps, such as CleanMyMac X. As for this tool, it focuses on identifying duplicates on your Mac and erasing them easily.

Here are the main features of the program:

  • Identify and remove duplicate files – the tool will scan the entire disk and find duplicates quickly.
  • Automatic or manual deletion – you can go into details and pick files for removal, or perform a duplicate deletion with a single click.
  • Intelligent and simple – the program is suitable for newbies since it offers an intuitive interface.

Get MacPaw Gemini 2 Now

Is Gemini 2 Free?

The program is available as a free download. However, you will need a paid addition to unlock all features and use the tool without limitations.

The premium edition of Gemini 2 has the following prices:

  • Annual subscription – it varies from $19.95 for a single Mac to $44.95 for five machines.
  • Lifetime license – a one-time purchase costs $44.95 for a single Mac and $99.95 for five devices.

The best duplicate file finder Mac offers will allow you to choose between 12 supported languages. That way, you can localize the software and make it even easier to use.

Does Gemini 2 Really Work? Hands-on Testing

The download and installation process is a piece of cake and will only take a minute of your time. The main screen of Gemini 2 cannot get any simpler:

Gemini 2 – best duplicate file finder for mac

From here, you can drag folders to the program to add them for scanning. Alternatively, press “+” to open a browser and pick the folders yourself.

As soon as you add a single folder, the interface will change to the following screen:

Gemini 2 – add folders for scanning

You can continue adding folders by clicking the “+” button. Gemini 2 also allows you to exclude a folder from the scanning process by marking the “X” button over the particular folder. Once you select all destinations you want to search, click on “Scan for Duplicates.”

Gemini 2 offers an option to track the progress of the scan, and it will inform you once it is finished.

Gemini 2 – scanning completed

You can see the details about the redundant files the system found. It is possible to remove all duplicates right away by clicking “Smart Cleanup.” Gemini 2 will immediately proceed to deletion and let you know once it completes the removal.

Gemini 2 – cleanup completed

If you want to check if there are any files you want to keep, click on “Review Trashed.”

Gemini 2 – browse duplicate files

That will take you to a screen where you can browse duplicates. You can see here that Gemini 2 is an intuitive tool. You can browse file types for easier navigation, as well as preview highlighted files. After selecting the files, removing them is easy. All it takes is to press Remove at the bottom right section of the screen.

Ultimately, it seems that MacPaw Gemini 2 is the most reliable duplicate file removal tool for Mac. Even if you are a complete newbie, you will feel in control and clean your machine from duplicate items easily.

The Paid Competition

Wise Duplicate Finder (for Windows)

Wise Duplicate Finder is a useful app for Windows computers. The graphics are modern and intuitive, so the program will guide you through the entire process. It is all quite simple since you pick the locations to scan first, and then look at the identified duplicates.

Wise Duplicate Finder for Windows

From this screen, you can delete specific files and choose which to keep. Apart from managing all duplicates, Wise Duplicate Finder will also identify empty files so that you can remove them. The backup and restore functions are a convenient addition. Even if you delete a file by mistake, it will restore it in a single click.

Easy Duplicate Finder (Windows, Mac)

The name doesn’t lie since this truly is an easy-to-use tool, and you can install it on both Windows and Mac. It supports searching for duplicated on SSD, HDD, and even Clouds.

Easy Duplicate Finder for Windows and Mac

Easy Duplicate Finder features a wizard that will guide you through the process. The wizard features several steps and allows you to search for duplicates and delete them easily. If you want to take control over the process, turn off the wizard and specify the search parameters. The program offers various options to adjust everything and look for desired files on your computer.

Tidy Up (for Mac)

Tidy Up is a nice and simple Mac solution for deleting duplicate files. You can choose between a Simple and Advanced mode. The former includes choosing between over 80 pre-set search profiles. If you go with the Advanced mode, you will be able to set the parameters to your needs.

Tidy Up for Mac

The scanning process in Tidy Up is fast, and the app does a great job of searching for duplicates. You can see a detailed result and preview files before you delete them.

Duplicate Sweeper (Windows, Mac)

Duplicate Sweeper impressed us with its interface. Although it might seem a bit cluttered at first, it is incredibly useful and gives detailed file information. The crucial feature is that this tool previews your files. Once the program identifies duplicates, you can check their location and preview items.

Duplicate Sweeper for Windows and Mac

It is possible to choose which of the two files to delete, and that is incredibly convenient. Filtering search results based on different parameters is also possible in Duplicate Sweeper. Wide Angle Software did a great job with this tool, and both Windows and Mac users will enjoy using it.

Duplicate Detective (for Mac)

Duplicate Detective is an award-winning duplicate file finder for Mac. The program offers a clean interface that is simple to navigate. The graphics are impressive, and the search engine is comprehensive. You can specify your search to look for music, images, and other files, and the tool also supports iPhoto and Photos libraries.

Duplicate Detective for Mac

Sorting duplicates and filtering them will ensure that you never delete a file you need accidentally. Even if you do that, Duplicate Detective will only remove the files to Trash so that you can restore it. Although it is a premium app, its price is very affordable.

Free Alternatives

Glary Duplicate Cleaner (for Windows)

Our first candidate for the best free duplicate file finder is Glary Duplicate Cleaner for Windows. The tool was designed by Glarysoft, a company famous for its Glary Utilities program. As for this app, it is fairly simple but does a nice job of deleting duplicate files.

Glary Duplicate Cleaner for Windows

You start by choosing the destination for scanning. The program looks for duplicates in the specified location and shows scanning results. From here, you pick the files and delete them. The entire process is rather simple with Glary Duplicate Cleaner.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder (for Windows)

Auslogics is another tool only available for Windows, and it requires at least Windows 7 to work. The program features clean graphics and an intuitive interface. You have a file browser in the left section to pick the areas you want to scan.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder for Windows

You can also select specific file types for deletion. The program supports applications, archives, videos, audios, and images. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder will guide you through the process to ensure you set the search parameters properly. The program is fast and reliable, but it doesn’t dwell into details too much.

CloneSpy (for Windows)

CloneSpy is an interesting little tool for Windows that looks for duplicates and removes them in a couple of simple clicks. It doesn’t offer a vast array of features, but it will look for duplicates based on title and name. The tool will also identify zero-byte files to help you get rid of unnecessary items.

CloneSpy for Windows

The entire interface is convenient and simple, although the graphics are a bit outdated. You shouldn’t have a problem learning how CloneSpy for Windows works. You can delete redundant items, move them, or export a list of duplicates.

SearchMyFiles (for Windows)

NirSoft is the company that designed SearchMyFiles. They explain this is an alternative to the module that allows searching for files and folders on Windows.

SearchMyFiles for Windows

The compatibility ensures the program works on Windows 2000 and later versions. The tool is nothing else than a simple utility, but it allows searching and deleting duplicates in a couple of clicks. SearchMyFiles was made by a single developer who has years of experience with programming.

dupeGuru (Windows, Mac)

It is not easy to find a free duplicate file finder for Mac, but dupeGuru is a tool that supports this operating system. It also offers Windows and Linux versions. The program is simple and reliable. It all starts by picking the folders to scan.

dupeGuru for Windows and Mac

Once the scan is finished, you can check out the files and choose the ones you want to delete. Everything is simple, and the app supports photos, music, and other file types. It finds identical duplicates, as well as similar items.


You have a vast choice of duplicate file finders for Windows and Mac available on the market. It all depends on your preference. If you want a simple file finder with basic deletion options, a free tool will cover your needs. But if you want to specify parameters and look for specific similarities, paid programs might be a better way to go.

Premium tools allow you to manage duplicates efficiently and make sure to remove all redundant files from your machine. These programs are convenient and user-friendly, and the only thing you should do is to pick a personal favorite!

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