Best Android Data Recovery Software

Best Choice: UltData for Android $39.95+
Runner-up: dr.fone – Recover (Android) $39.95+
Also Great: EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Free 5.0 Free+

Looking for the best Android data recovery tool? In this article, I will reveal some of the best and Top Android data recovery software in 2020. But before the elaboration, there are some facts which you should know about Android and its Recovery Tools.

As we all know smartphones play a very significant role in our daily life. It is not just because of their use for making phone calls, sending messages, capturing photos, online shopping, etc. And much more than those, it holds a large number of common as well as private files that we don’t want to lose, including private photos, personal contacts, messages, important notes, saved videos other personal info as well as valuable data. And you will be surprised to hear that in the previous few years Android has become the most wanted operating system for the people. Every smartphone user wants to have an Android phone in their hands due to its unlimited and astonishing features and I can guarantee to say that the Android will rule over the smartphones industry in the upcoming era.

With the increasing demand for Android phones, the problems are also increased. There is a large number of people who even runs their business on Android phones and they are very satisfied with the performance. Today losing data has become a very common mistake. That’s why nowadays, Android data recovery becomes one of the hottest topics among smartphone users, as there are a bunch of possible reasons for data loss on our portable Android phones which can be a device crash, completely formated, mistakenly deleted, accidental deletion, water damaged, etc. No matter how caring we are, such scenarios appear in a large amount on our Android phone from time to time.

What is Android Data Recovery Software?

Basically, the accidentally removed files didn’t really get deleted. They are just technically marked as deleted and become invisible to us. Until we overwrite the new data, they remain in the memory even for months if we don’t overwrite anything after coming to know that we have accidentally done a big mistake. To get back those removed files, you have to take advantage of Android Data Recovery software to accomplish the job. And in this post, amongst hundreds of data recovery apps, I will recommend you the best Android data recovery that are most reputable in the market and proven by many others.

Android data recovery software can be almost miraculously helpful in some situations. The best Android data recovery utilities that we reviewed make it effortless to restore files from conventional spinning hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, and other forms of portable storage, including your phone itself.

Where Android data recovery software is most useful is when you mistakenly formatted files from your Android phone. This is the kind of mishap that can occur to anyone. All these recovery apps offer to retrieve lost or deleted data.

Some Android data recovery software also include the opposite of data recovery—permanent file deletion. When you want to make sure that no one can restore your data, you can ask these tools to overwrite the data with enough random bytes to make the original data unreadable.

Bear in mind that government agencies have utilities that can restore data from almost anything, but these applications make it impractical even for expert thieves to retrieve private information from stolen or discarded mobile phones.

How to Select The Best Android Data Recovery Software

Files getting back process is a process of rescuing inaccessible data from corrupted, damaged, crashed or lost Android device. Typically people get reliable data recovery service from an expert or software which is capable of data recovery. But the users should try an easy-to-use program with the interactive interface before getting help from the expensive retrieval service nearby.

What you should know before trying an Android Data Recovery Software.

Basic Knowledge of the Data Recovery for Android?

It usually allows you three modes to restore what you’ve lost, including recovering from your device, from Android Account, and from Google Account. The recovery can be performed even your mobile phone is lost, as long as you remember the login credentials of the account that was logged in your mobile. Besides, some high-quality Android recovery software is capable of repairing common system issues.

There are many specific categories of Android data recovery software such as photo recovery, message recovering, contact restoration apps, etc.

The Standards of the Best File Recovery for Android?

Our principles of defining what is the top Android data recovery tools are as the same as how you’d like to recover the items from your lost Android mobile. Before starting, you’d better clearly understand WHERE have you lost the data from? HOW did you lose the content? WHAT types of file would you like to restore?

Is it Possible to Recover My Android Data without Backup?

Yes, most of the recovery tools are able to retrieve Android lost data without using any backup. They will scan the mobile to find those items that deleted but still stored on your device. Therefore, you may get back your removed items even when you have no backup available.

Does Android Data Recovery Software Costs?

Inspecting your smartphone for lost data will take time, normally measured in hours. After that, your data recovery process is started. Chances are, your recovery tool will discover tens of thousands of lost files.

Many Android data recovery software provides features to make this a bit simpler. They may use a search feature, so if you remember part of the name of your required file, or even something in between the contents of the file, finding it can be relatively fast. Most tools list the file names that have been deleted along with the ones that still exist in your memory, and some of the tools allow you to filter the list by just the ones that are accidentally deleted.

Who Should Get A Android Data Recovery?

Normally you don’t need an Android data recovery software. It totally depends on you that you want to restore your data or not. If you think that the data that was unintentionally deleted from your Android device is not of such importance then you don’t need to look for recovery software. You can easily collect those things again. But if you keep your important data sometimes business files and records then you are at exactly right place. You should go for an Android data recovery tool which can recover your whole or particular data within minutes. I hope you never need a data recovery software. unluckily, many things can go wrong with our Android mobiles.

  • They may get dropped in water or on stone resulting in water damage and cracked screens.
  • You can forget your password or PIN, accidentally remove the wrong file or some kind of mishappen with your SD card.
  • Or something can happen unexpectedly when doing a factory reset, Android version update, or while trying to root your mobile phone.

I am considering that you’ll have a backup of your data. If don’t, you’ll need an Android data recovery tool. Luckily, the free trial version of most recovery software will show you whether you’ll be successful before you spend your money or not.

How We Tested and Picked the Best Android Data Recovery

It is not that easy that it looks like because every Android Data Recovery software has its own features, user interface, functionality, etc. After a lot of work and struggle, we have shortlisted some best of the best Android Data Recovery Tools just for the sake of your ease.

There are many critical things that are necessary to keep in mind while examining any data recovery software for example:

How Easy is it to Use the Software?

The very first thing that should be always kept in mind is how the software apparently looks like. Because most of the users just want to do everything with a single click. So it is very significant to choose an application that comes with a simple and easily understandable interface. The great news is that all of the Android data recovery tools we have chosen are quite easy to use.

How Much Time does it Take?

The second important thing is how much is it reliable? Does it able to fulfill the user requirements? The people always go toward the way that consumes the shortest time. So it is observed that the Android data recovery tools we selected took how much time in searching a specific file from a particular location.

Software Compatability

You must be sure that the data recovery software supports both your phone and your PC. The Android ecosystem is complex and diverse—there is a whirlpool of manufacturers, phones, and versions of Android to support. The developers test their software on numerous phones and mention those who are compatible with their software on their websites. The software may work properly, so if in doubt, try the free trial version.

Which Attributes does it Support?

Usually, mobile data doesn’t consist of only one kind of file types. It randomly consisted of photos, messages, contacts, emails, call history, music, audios, videos, documents, etc.

The Android data recovery tools that we selected almost support all types of data types and comfortable in recovering everything belongs to Android phone and lost data.

Does it Come with Additional Features?

The specialty of each software that we selected comes with a lot of additional features and can directly retrieve data from your Android phone.

  • unlocking Android phone’s lock screen,
  • Android backup and restore,
  • copying data from one mobile to another,
  • transferring data from Android phone to other operating systems,
  • retrieving data from your SIM card,
  • rooting Android phone,
  • extracting data from a crashed Android phone.

Best Choice: UltData for Android

Tenorshare UltData for Android comes at the top among all Android data recovery tools. It is the perfect and powerful software to help you recover deleted or removed data, including contacts, call history, text messages, photos, and videos from any Android mobile, like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Google Nexus, LG, Sony, etc.

Below is an image from the user guide on how to recover deleted data from Android using Tenorshare UtlData for Android. Click here to read the full recovery guide!

tenorshare ultdata for android


  • Get Back Your Valuable Data even for accidental deletion, water damage, factory reset, broken screen, OS crash, system root.
  • Only 3 steps and your data will be restored within minutes.
  • More powerful than any recovery software
  • Retrieves data both from internal memory and SD/TF card.
  • Preview the found data in detail before starting recovery.
  • Select an item and save it on your computer in one click.
  • UltData Android Data Recovery is totally risk-free
  • No personal information and data leaking and no data loss at all.
  • Up to 2000+ Android Devices are Supported
  • Fully compatible with all latest Android 9/8.1/8/7/6/5/4 and earlier versions as well.
  • Supports almost every famous brands including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, ZTE, Google, etc.

Runner-up: dr.fone – Recover (Android)

dr.fone – Recover(Android) is one of the most user-friendly Android data recovery tools. Integrated with almost all Android data scanning technologies, dr.fone – Recover(Android) supports the most Android devices and restore most file types. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Android. It’s efficient at retrieving files. It comes up with most additional features than any other Android data recovery tool. But what actually sets dr.fone – Recover(Android) apart is that it will automatically root your Android phone before a scan, and unroot it again after you’ve restored your target files. And while it’s not the fastest tool we covered, it does allow you to select which types of data to scan for, which can save a lot of time.

Below image is just a look from the user guide on how to recover deleted data from Android using Wondershare dr.fone. Click here to see the full recovery guide! Or you can check the dr.fone Toolkit for Android review here

drfone recover android


  • Recover Videos and photos were deleted from Android Gallery
  • Recover Contacts from Address Book and Call log
  • Transfer data between iOS, Android and computers
  • Recover data from mobile phones
  • Transfer and backup WhatsApp, Wechat, Viber, Line
  • Flexible backup and restore your phone
  • Permanently erase data from mobile devices
  • Remove your phone’s lock screen
  • Copy data from one phone to another
  • Fix various iOS&Android system issues

Also Great: EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Free 5.0

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is World’s first free Android data recovery tool to restore all lost files, message, contacts, photos, music and videos easily. It is a Windows-only Android data recovery software that performs comparatively fast but effective scans and demands from you to root your phone before you can scan your phone’s internal memory. Its Android app is available as a free download from Google Play, and an $8.49 in-app purchase will let you recover your Android data.

Below image is just the sample preview of the software. You can learn about the user guide and instructions by clicking here.

easeus mobisaver for android


  • Freely Recover Android Lost Data
  • Recover all kinds of data types
  • Recover Lost Android Data from Virus Attacks,
  • Rector Accidental Deleted files
  • Recover rooted files
  • Recover from SD card
  • Support 6000+ Android Phones
  • Supports almost every famous brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, ZTE,  Google, etc.
  • Preview data before restoring
  • Export Data in multiple formats
  • Recover files from both internal memory and SD card
  • Up to 3 languages are supported
  • Support all Windows versions.
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee
  • 100% secure purchase
  • Free technical support after purchase

The Competition

FoneLab Android Data Recovery

Aiseesoft FoneLab Android data recovery has a very decent and attractive interface. The great thing about FoneLab Android data recovery is it completes its scans potentially faster than all discussed methods. Besides this, it also includes some additional features, though not as many as UltData but sufficient enough to be chosen by a user. But there’s one major drawback to this software: you’ll need to root your Android phone yourself before you can scan your phone’s internal memory.

fonelab android data recovery


  • Can be used on standard mobile devices, tablets and recovered SD cards.
  • Able to recover personal messages, call history, contact information, and media files.
  • also used for making backup copies of existing mobile device data.
  • Skips the process of rooting automatically
  • Retrieve deleted data from Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony, Sharp, etc.
  • Even can recover deleted call log
  • Recover lost music/video/photos/WhatsApp/documents
  • Recover data from internal memory, SD card, and SIM card.
  • Restore data from almost all Android mobile/SD card/tablet
  • The supported operating system is Android 2.3 or above versions
  • All files types are restored
  • Run-on all version of Windows latest as well as older ones.
  • No special system specs are required

PhoneRescue for Android

PhoneRescue for Android is the Most Reliable Android Data Recovery software that saves all your essential data & file. The app will recover data from your phone’s internal memory and SD card and can give you access to your locked device if you forgot your password or pattern. The website also claims that it’s the only software able to restore your data directly back to the Android phone.

After enabling USB debugging on your phone, connect it to your computer.

phonerescue for andriod


  • Highest data recovery success rate in the market
  • Retrieve messages, photos, contacts, and everything you want to restore
  • The only software that recovers removed data directly to Android phone
  • Find lost and hidden data on the device with or without root
  • A comprehensive solution to retrieve WhatsApp data, even attachments

MobiKin Doctor for Android

MobiKin Doctor for Android is a powerful Android data recovery software to help you recover deleted contacts, text messages or call logs, retrieve photos, videos, music files or documents on SD card from Android devices.

Read the detailed guide from here!

mobikin doctor for android


  • Recover the removed files from Android SD card/phone memory to the computer with just 1 click.
  • Backup the existing files from an Android device to the computer/laptop.
  • Preview detailed data information before data recovery.
  • High success rate (98%) for data recovery purposes.
  • Recovers data without data loss.
  • Comes with High speed & easy to use interface.
  • Recover deleted call logs, contacts, and messages from Android internal memory/SIM card but the root is required.
  • Restore accidentally deleted photos, videos, music, and documents from Android SD card without requiring boot.
  • The exported contacts, call logs and SMS will be stored in HTML/XML files.
  • The media files and documents can be extracted to a computer in their original formats.
  • Work amazingly with almost all Android devices brands by Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google, Asus, Huawei, and so on
  • Supported by OS versions from Android 2.0 to Android 9.0.
  • Connect your Android phone to the computer.
  • Preview and select the deleted data you want to restore.
  • Click “Recover” to restore the deleted files from your Android phone easily.

Remo Recover For Android

Remo Recover for Android is specially designed to retrieve data from Android devices. The software scans and recovers file from both the internal and external phone memory.

Click the link to see the complete guide on how to use this software.

remo recover for android


  • Preview of all recoverable files before recovering
  • Fast deleted file recovery
  • Retrieve all music, photos, and video files including .apk files
  • Scans SD cards and restore from them
  • Scans internal both phone memory as well as external phone memory
  • Ability to create SD card duplicate image files to perform recovery
  • Recovers data from improperly inserted SD cards
  • Save the recovery process to avoid re-scanning
  • Fast and effective performance
  • Safe, easy, reliable and secure
  • Robust software
  • Free trial version is also available
  • Comes with a simple user interface
  • Virus/malware attack free
  • Minimum disk space requirement for installation
  • Provides free customer support

FonePaw Android Data Recovery

FonePaw Android File Recovery software is another amazing tool used to retrieve deleted photos, videos, audios, SMS, contacts, call logs and documents from Android mobiles and SD card. Moreover, offers assistance with restoring contacts from your Android mobile like phone number, name, email, address, etc. Also, it retrieves messages including the attachments like photos and videos, call logs and so on.

Just connect your Android mobile to any eternal operating system and start recovering.

fonepaw android data recovery


  • Easy to recover data from this software
  • Attains high speed
  • protect your phone data from leaking and not delete anything.
  • You can freely preview the deleted data before recovery without pay.
  • Works for: Accidental Deletion, Rating, Virus Attack, OS Crash
  • Support over 6000 Android Phone Models
  • Supports all Android versions -from Android 2.3 to Android 9.0
  • Efficiently and quickly Recover Files from Android Device
  • Equally workable for almost all data types Recovery
  • Recover Android Data from Internal Memory, SD Cards, SIM Cards

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is competent of restoring lost data from an SD card or device internal memory files on Android Operating System within a few minutes. The tool is quite free, which makes it stand out among its competitors. Basically, it has two recovery modes: retrieving from a memory card or from mobile memory. You’ll be able to restore nearly everything from a memory card when on a phone or tablet – logs are the anomaly – if nothing has been overwritten yet. The software is likely to find almost everything, even copies of removed messenger chats that haven’t been backed up.

minitool mobile recovery for android


  • Capable to Recover up to 1GB of data for free
  • Easy to use
  • Recovers from both flash memory cards and optical media
  • Capable to Recover all data types including Photos, APP photos, videos, audios, WhatsApp Attachments and many more.
  • Supported by all windows versions like Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
  • Supported by all famous Android mobile making brands including Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google, Asus, Huawei, etc.
  • Works for all scenarios: Accidental Deletion, Rating, Virus Attack, OS Crash, Forgotten Password, Device Stuck, Improper Handling, SD Card Issues, etc.


Besides the Android date recovery software we mentioned above, there are some other similar apps like iMyFone, Cleverfiles Disk Drill 3, Primo Android Data Recovery, and many many more. But we are committed to providing you with best of best. Since those tools have also the same features, we just reviewed some best ones above. If you are interested in these utilities, you can have a try.

Moreover, A regular Android phone backup plan is always welcome. Meanwhile, to increase your chances of retrieving what you are looking for, it would be better for you to instantly stop using your mobile until your lost data get recovered, as this will minimize the chance of overwriting content on your Android phone disk.

Hopefully, you would like the information and there is something more important and we have missed it out. Don’t bother, help us to point out the things and we will explain that in a more better way. Please let us know with your thoughts regarding this article through commenting your advice, suggestions, and reviews.